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Madison On The Air

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Modern day Madison is zapped into old time radio dramas. No technology, no Starbucks, and no one is PC! Will Madison survive? Follow along as she teams up with radio icons like Sergeant Joe Friday, Marshal Matt Dillon and Sherlock Holmes. Original radio scripts adapted to give a fun look at theRead more

Popular episodes

Bonus Feature - Dry Cleaners

Jan 10 • 07:40

Ep. 15 - The Saint

Jan 1 • 41:05

When Madison reads about her own death in the obituaries, she takes her existential crisis to the doorstep of Simon Templar. Can The Saint discover the truth behind Madison's reported demise? Throw in missing jewels, a French temptress, a determined cabbie and a dry cleaner and you'll get the adventure of: "The Corpse Said Ouch." TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE: Madiso...

The Saint Ep. 15 - Trailer

Dec 20 • 01:00

Bonus Feature - The Jack Benny Program - "Christmas Shopping 1941"

Dec 15 • 05:08

Bonus Feature - The Jack Benny Program - "Christmas Shopping 1941"

Dec 15 • 05:08

Bonus Feature - Department Store Santas

Dec 10 • 10:18

Ep. 14 - Candy Matson YUkon 2-8209

Dec 1 • 41:24

A female detective from 1949?  You better believe it! Madison joins up with Candy Matson to discover the mystery of a missing Santa Claus helper, Jack Frost, from a local department store. Add a hunky police inspector and a gay best friend and you have a ho-ho-whole lotta fun in our Christmas episode!  Merry Holidays! TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE:

Candy Matson: YUkon 2-8209 Ep. 14 - Trailer

Nov 20 • 01:00

Bonus Feature - 1950's Sci-Fi

Nov 10 • 08:06

Ep. 13 - Dimension X

Nov 1 • 35:24

Madison takes a job as a secretary at a top publicity house in New York City. When a new client comes in claiming to be a “Martian,” Madison’s boss just thinks it’s part of the gag to promote “Martian Day,” a publicity campaign for a big Hollywood space opera opening soon. The huge budget for the campaign is too good to pass up, and Madison finds herself helping her boss t...

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