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Duck – Rabbit: what drives our polarised culture?

Jul 28 • 01:07:54
Contributor(s): Dr Lasana Harris, Professor Anil Seth, Dr Jennifer Sheehy Skeffington, Dr Tiffany Watt Smith, Professor Paul Dolan | Join Paul Dolan and his guests to launch the latest series of his podcast, Duck - Rabbit, with a discussion of the neuroscience and social science behind our polarisation problem. Why do we respond to the world in one way and not another? Wha...

Online Opportunities for Children

Jul 12 • 01:30:16
Contributor(s): Professor Shakuntala Banaji, Dr Koen Leurs, Dr Giovanna Mascheroni, Professor Jochen Peter, Dr Mariya Stoilova | Online opportunities bring diverse benefits for children, including positive outcomes on learning, participation, creativity, and identity. An important “ladder of opportunities” for children in Europe, digital technologies can activate the poten...

Social Infrastructures for a Post-COVID-19 World

Jul 12 • 01:28:36
Contributor(s): Samira Ben Omar, Dr Atiya Kamal, Caroline MacDonald, Pasha Shah | The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed both how essential and how fractured Britain’s systems of social care and community health are and the racial and economic divides that determine who is able to access them. It has also, paradoxically shown some ways forward for community engagement as local...

The Powerful and the Damned: life behind the headlines in financial times

Jul 8 • 56:09
Contributor(s): Lionel Barber | Join us for this event with former editor of the Financial Times Lionel Barber at which he will discuss his new book, The Powerful and the Damned: life behind the headlines in financial times.
Lionel Barber spent over a decade rubbing shoulders with the global giants of business, finance and politics. Recounting conversations, late-night dinn...

SHORTCAST | How Much is Your Health Worth?

Jul 7 • 19:34

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Jul 6 • 44:04
Contributor(s): Dr Ela Drazkiewicz-Grodzicka, Professor Bradley Franks, Dr Erica Lagalisse | Conspiracy theories fomented by political division and a global pandemic have gained traction in the public consciousness in the last couple of years. For some people these ideas are just fun and entertaining, but for others their interest in them becomes much more consuming. Why d...

Youth and Inequalities in the UK

Jun 29 • 01:18:18
Contributor(s): Michaela Rafferty, Jeremiah Emmanuel, Jason Allen | Even before the pandemic, young people in the UK faced many forms of inequality and their health and wellbeing was being eroded by a lack of jobs, a shortage of affordable housing, and cuts to public services. As the gap between the generations grows and young people’s voices and concerns are not adequatel...

The Greek War of Independence: re-appraising its economic legacies

Jun 24 • 01:28:09
Contributor(s): Dr Maria Christina Chatziioannou, Dr Andreas Kakridis, Professor Stathis N Kalyvas | How far may the economic problems of the modern Greek state be attributed to the nature of its origins? It’s small, albeit enlarging, size; the lack of popular trust in public institutions and authority; the recourse to patrons and to ‘rent-seeking’; and, its own vulnerabil...

Awakening the Giant Beast: from pandemic to economic recovery

Jun 23 • 52:09
Contributor(s): Dr Cecilia Rouse | How does the Biden-Harris Administration evaluate the current state and growth trajectory of the U.S. economy as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic? How are the Administration’s plans to expand infrastructure investment and aid to families and children likely to impact the U.S. in the long run?
In this lecture, Chair of the Council of E...

Migration Crisis and its Impact for Europe

Jun 22 • 01:27:59
Contributor(s): Maria Gavouneli, Notis Mitarachi |
Join us for the 18th Hellenic Observatory Annual Lecture which this year will be delivered by Notis Mitarachi, Greece's Minister of Migration & Asylum.
Greece has been at the epicentre of much of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. The accommodation and processing of asylum-seekers and refugees in Greece has proved b...

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