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Hosted by Rax King, Courtney Rawlings, and Amber Rollo, three broads whose enthusiasm for trash culture can only occasionally be reeled in by dad-producer Jake Aron ✨ If you've ever asked yourself "would Susan Sontag have enjoyed 'Jersey Shore'," or if you don't know how to read and at this pointRead more

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Bonus 52 - Candy Coated Christmas (PREVIEW)

Dec 2 • 03:30

Rax and Courtney brave a screening of Food Network's first original Christmas story, "Candy Coated Christmas". Set in Peppermint Hollow, a world without race and class (but with every mint-forward food imaginable), this soulless story is notable more for its subtle Evangelical messages than its cinematic flair. Rax and Courtney break down the flick and all it says about Fo...

E45 - Pumpkin Spice Christians

Nov 30 • 56:56

"Christian Girl Autumn", like many-a-meme, quickly took on a life of its own. But did we ever stop to ask what was behind the joyful trolling, the face tune dunking, the ironic celebration? Rax and Courtney get into it with the meme— what does the irony betray, what comes from latent misogyny, who is the proverbial Christian Girl, and more....

Bonus 51 - T Swift, Pt. 2 (PREVIEW)

Nov 25 • 04:23

The second part of our deep dive into Taylor Swift finds the gals musing on the Taylor/Kanye beef— was it real? Were both parties milking it for their own respective brands? Was it a 30 Rock cutaway come to life? This plus some Deep Thoughts on Taylor's ability to look within, her uncanny ability to reveal our own modern sense of self, and more!...

E44 - T Swift, Pt. 1

Nov 23 • 57:56

Rax, Courtney, and Amber take a deep dive into Taylor Swift™, for whom Autumn never ends. Born wealthy, branded young, and beloved by millions, the prolific country-turned-pop star leaves little to chance, but does her immaculately manicured image betray larger issues of being a millenial and a celebrity? Or is it simply an artist controlling aspects of her life previously...

Bonus 50 - Sunset Strip (PREVIEW)

Nov 18 • 03:18

Find you a bootlegger, grab some hooch, and take a trip down a 600 foot long dirt road that eventually becomes the Sunset Strip, home of the seedy and glamorous between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills— Vegas before Vegas, baby! Rax and Amber go into the history, some of the notable spots, and the modern experience of strutting down such a historically party-laden plot of ...

E43 - The Stripper Primer

Nov 17 • 01:07:36

Bonus 49 - Marvin Meat Loaf (PREVIEW)

Nov 11 • 03:38

Taking another cue from Rax's book, team LCB goes into the musician Meat Loaf. His Wagnerian performances and complete earnestness are not only his trademark, they just might make him an irony-proof subject. The gals go deeper into the idea of ironic engagement with art, what it protects us from, and what it inhibits. Beyond that, Meat Loaf also turns out to have the soul ...

E42 - Notes on Tacky

Nov 9 • 01:07:29

Team LCB takes the introduction of Rax's newly-published book Tacky: Love Letters to the Worst Culture We Have to Offer, and hashes out the finer points of the word itself: "tacky"! From a 19th century pejorative about Yankee carpetbaggers to a 21st century pejorative about bad taste, "tacky" is nestled somewhere between sincere, gauche, accessible, and rejected, a state b...

Bonus 48 - Lolly Water (PREVIEW)

Nov 4 • 03:56

E41 - The Supermarket Discourse

Nov 2 • 01:04:30

Team LCB makes the rare trip into the current Online Discourse™ and tackles issues found in a pile-on of an otherwise innocuous tweet. Is it always more cost-effective buying groceries and prepping your own food vs takeout? The gals muse on labor distribution, access and education, misleading recipes, home economics, and more on deciding modes of mastication....

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