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Fabulously Keto: Are You a Moderator or an Abstainer? - Ep 76

Jul 23 • 53:55

Jackie Fletcher and Louise Reynolds were both morbidly obese at one point but both follow a ketogenic lifestyle now and both have reversed that situation although they followed very different paths to get there.  Louise is a university professor from Australia although currently she is resident in Bangkok.  After trying everything to beat it she finally made the decision t...

Arthur Agatston, Inventor of the Coronary Artery Calcium Score & South Beach Diet: Ep 74

Jun 17 • 45:20

Arthur Agatston, MD, attended New York University School of Medicine. He did his internal medicine training at Montefiore Medical Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his cardiology fellowship at NYU. He spent a year on staff at NYU while training to best combine both academic medicine with clinical practice. He then moved to the Mt. Sinai Medical Center i...

Struggle Giving Up Bread And Chips? There May Be A Solution: Ep 73

Jun 3 • 24:23

William Schumacher Found when he adopted a keto diet he was like me and did not miss bread at all but what he did miss was really good crunchy chips (or crisps as they are called in various other regions).  Uprising Foods is on a mission to rebuild and reformulate the staple categories of food that are so fundamental to many, if not most, people's perception of core foods....

RD Beats Anxiety And Gets Her Life Back on a Carnivore Diet : Ep 71

May 6 • 37:52

This was such a good chat!!  Michelle Hurn was a Registered Dietitian working in a hospital setting and trying to get ready to qualify for the Olympic Marathon team.  As she started to increase her training everything started to shut down.  She was breaking out in cold sweats and developing severe muscle pains and it got to a point where she couldn't even run 2 or 3 miles....

Robb Wolf Talks About his Collaboration on the Book and Movie 'Sacred Cow': Ep 70

Apr 16 • 01:00:15

It's always such a pleasure to catch up with Robb Wolf.  He's such a humble, wise man.  This time we got to speak about the latest project he finished up working on recently, 'Sacred Cow', the book and movie project he helped on enormously.  We spoke to Diana Rodgers in a podcast a couple of episodes back and the project was her brain child but Robb got very involved right...

Blinded By Sugar - Dr. James Muecke, 2020 Australian Of The Year: Ep 69

Mar 30 • 01:18:56

Dr. James Muecke is an ophthalmologist who was nominated as Australian of the Year in 2020 for his ongoing humanitarian work in helping to prevent blindness in impoverished communities in many places around the world.  About a year ago, however, he became aware of the potential of reversing type 2 diabetes by restricting carbohydrates in the diet.  Suddenly there was a way...

Diana Rodgers on Cow Farts and Sustainable Agriculture : Ep 68

Mar 9 • 39:14

Diana Rodgers is a Registered Dietitian, a farmer, an author, a filmmaker and a mom!  We talk to her about her new book, and movie, Sacred Cow.  The book goes into great detail about the science behind her rigorous defense of the beef industry with respect to the animal cruelty argument, the fear mongering around red meat causing cancer, cow farts (well belches, actually) ...

Andrew Oswari, MD becomes one of the First to be SMHP Accredited : Ep 67

Feb 25 • 29:09

Two years ago, Dr. Andrew Oswari, a family medicine doctor practicing integrative medicine, was experiencing what most doctors are currently experiencing, depression and disillusionment due to their lack of ability to help any of their patients with chronic illnesses get better.  Ongoing progression of the conditions and escalating medications are the order of the day....

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