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Love Yourself Healthy

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Love yourself healthy is a podcast that aims to positively influence listeners when it comes to the topic of eating disorders, body image, self love and acceptance of ones self. We will also be discussing a range of different health issues such as binge eating disorder, bulimia, overeating andRead more

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54: Why you can’t get ahead in your food journey

Oct 6 • 18:38

In today's episode we are looking at why you can't get ahead in your food journey. 

So if you are someone who has been struggling with your relationship with food for quite some time, and are feeling a bit fed up and almost at your wits end. Then let’s pull it back a bit and think about the main areas that may be contributing to your struggle with food. ...

53: Letting Go Of Weight Loss

Sep 11 • 24:22

In today's episode we are going to dive into weight loss and change up the methods you are currently using to achieve your "body goals".

I hope that you take the nuggets of wisdom away from this episode because it really is life changing.

I would also love for you to join myself and Taran for the next 4 weeks to master your eating and mind!!


52: What does freedom around food truly mean? And how do we get there?

Sep 1 • 17:57

Freedom around food is a topic that I am sure so many of you wish you could say you have achieved. But what actually is freedom around food? And how do we get there? Let's dive into it in this episode.

Join us for a beautiful 4 week journey to master your eating and food struggles. This 4 week course will give you the tools necessa...

51: How Does Trauma Affect The Nervous System

Aug 26 • 38:58

In this weeks episode I am blessed to be interviewing the amazing Taran Jenkins.

Taran is the owner of Creating Space Yoga Retreats & Kids Creating Space and is an advanced Trauma Informed Mindfulness & Yoga Instructor.

Throughout this chat we jump into: what is trauma? how does this show up in our body? what are some ways we can overcome past trauma to create a safe and he...

50: I'm Back... What's been happening & Lockdown hacks...

Aug 23 • 40:28

Oh wow......... How has it been 8 months since my last podcast? I feel like I need to apologise. I missed recording so much! I am so excited to be back recording, this episode was just a short catch up. Please send me through requests for podcast topics so I can get recording woohooo. 

Love you all! 

Want to get in contact with Mel?

Head to my YouTube channel here:


49: Working Through Body Image, Binge Eating & Mental Health With Alex Nisbet

Oct 12 • 01:19:33

Hi lovelies, I am so excited to be back with another podcast episode! Today's episode is featuring the beautiful Alex Nisbet. Alex shares her story on struggling with weight loss, binge eating and depression. Her story is incredible and is definitely going to be inspirational for all the listeners.

Please show Alex some love via the links below:
Instagram - @alexSfitlife_ &...

48: Ending a 20 Year Battle With Emotional Eating - Interview with Joyce Diebels

Sep 9 • 01:13:49

Hey beauties,

I have such a great episode for you today. In this episode I sit down with Joyce Diebels who is a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and owner of Life To Enjoyce.

Joyce struggled with emotional eating for around 20 years. She felt as though she had tried everything there was to try yet she wasn't able to achieve results.

Throughout this episode we go through the pi...

47: Approaching Eating Disorder Recovery Through A Balanced And Integrative Approach With Melainie Rogers

Aug 9 • 01:06:09

Welcome back to the podcast beauties, today's guest is a wealth of knowledge and I know you are going to gain so much from this episode.

Melainie Rogers is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and Supervisor and is dedicated to supporting others in their quest to achieve long-term recovery. She is the Founder and Executive Director...

46: Can You Rewire Your Brain?

Aug 2 • 36:13

What a topic!!!

I love everything about the brain and what I love even more is that we have the capability to become the person we TRULY want to become!!! If you are someone who feels stuck in their habits and as if you can't ever see a way of overcoming your struggles then hopefully this episode will give you a little more insight into WHY you feel this way and HOW to ove...

45: The Most Important Advice You Need When It Comes To Achieving The "Body Of Your Dreams" With Samantha Hohenshil

Jul 6 • 01:14:45

Welcome back to the podcast beautiful people, I am blessing your ears with another interview podcast today.

My guest today is Samantha Hohenshil, she is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and plant-based cooking instructor who helps women all around the country change how they think about food, their bodies, and their lives as a whole.

In our chat today we cover:...

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