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Concocting the antidote to narcissism with Self Empowerment through Self Love. This is a podcast created to help bridge the gap from your traumatic past to the future you want through sharing story and learning to empower yourself through self love. The antidote to narcissism, from within andRead more

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Episode 024: Deconstruction with the N@KeD pAsToR

Jun 10 • 01:27:25

This podcast episode is an interview with N@KED PASTOR, David Hayward, former pastor turned cartoonist who's been "drawing graffiti on the walls of religion since 2005." Because of Tabitha's own journey of becoming free from spiritual abuse in the Christian church, she and David had so much to talk about. Some of the topics include "miracles", escaping cult-like religious ...

Episode 023: Cancel Hustle Culture and Be In Flow

May 25 • 53:11

Amanda W Jenkins sits down with Tabitha Brooke to talk about her book Go From Hustle to Flow as a response to hustle culture. Toxic positivity and hustle culture is nothing new, but Rachel Hollis is showing up the need to cancel hustle culture in a big way these days, and Amanda reveals Girl, Wash Your Face was the reason she wrote her book, Go From Hustle to Flow. Tabitha...

Episode 022: A Real Conversation About Sexual Abuse

May 17 • 01:06:49

Jeremy Indika sits down with Tabitha for an IG Live to have a real conversation about childhood sexual abuse. They cover an update with the trial referenced in episode 14, healing the inner child, and the hypothetical, yet realistic, illustration series Jeremy is posting to get people talking about how to prevent sexual abuse and assault. Listen in on their off air good by...

Episode 021: Feeling Your Feelings Brings Healing

May 7 • 01:02:17

In this podcast Ryan Light, emotional healing coach, sits down with Tabitha to share his philosophy and modalities for healing the emotional pain of trauma. Ryan shares his personal story of healing from trauma, such as sexual abuse by his mother, abandonment and bullying and Tabitha leaves us with some words for an American Mothers Day weekend and beyond. The two fo them ...

Episode 020: Sobriety of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict with Brianne Davis

Apr 8 • 45:04

Brianne Davis is an American Actress who has been sober living from a sex and love addiction for over a decade. She and Tabitha talk about her new novel, her podcast and the perils of this deadly addiction and how important self love is during a Michigan thunderstorm. Even her adorable son makes an appearance. Brianne is helping make the world a better place through her Se...

Episode 019 Punching Fear in the Face and Healing the Body

Mar 3 • 01:16:30

Award-winning graphic designer, Johanna White sits down to talk about overcoming fear and healing a brain tumor with Tabitha Brooke. They delve into what it means to present your worth to the world in your personal and business life, the mind-body connection and punching fear in the face. Faith and perseverance and a passion for excellence helped Johanna start three compan...

Episode 018 Makeup and Beauty for Self Empowerment After Trauma with Rafaella Rougier

Feb 23 • 01:54:47

Rafaella Rougier talks about trauma-informed professionalism in the beauty industry and beyond. They discuss how beauty can help survivors become embodied, find their own identity again and start dreaming again. There is also a passionate plea for professionals from all walks and professions to become trauma-informed in order to be of service to a large percentage of the p...

Episode 017 Mobility and Mindset Coaching with a Smile

Feb 16 • 01:00:22

Brian Nevison of Smile Fitness and the Smiles Take You Miles Podcast talks about mindset, mobility after injury, and leaving a toxic work environment that was affecting his mental health. He and Tabitha talk about pandemic life and doing what you love. Follow Brian @b_nevison on Instagram to follow and get in contact with him! 


Episode 016 I Turned My Abuser in From the Brink of Suicide

Feb 9 • 55:03

Ryan Gadsby of Edge of the Bed Podcast talks about his story of survival after childhood sexual abuse by his narcissistic step father. He and Tabitha Brooke talk about the similar narcissistic qualities their religious parents had, coming back from the brink of suicide to telling the police about the abuse and the ways in which Ryan is using his podcast platform to help ot...

Episode 015 Let's Talk About Shadow Work

Feb 1 • 01:20:05

Jordana Che Toback and I sit down to discuss what we see as the shadow of our human nature and ways to learn to accept and love it, meaning ourselves, more, since it's a part of ourselves.

Follow Jordana @jordanache_ to see her videos and find her website as a performance elevation coach! ...

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