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Love in Brief is an ABDL advice podcast focused on love: love of self, love of others, and romantic love. (Note: ABDL is a fetish/kink, and all episodes may contain sexual content).

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LIB 86 - "You're Not Broken" - Dr Rhoda's Guide to ABDL Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Nov 5 • 37:58
Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb is back on Love In Brief to talk about her new book, "You're Not Broken : Dr. Rhoda's Guide to Strong Self Worth for ABDLs." It is a must-read for ABDLs, their partners, and even the parents of those who are ABDLs.

The book is out now on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback forms, and is even available for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Rea...

LIB 84 - The Earlier Days of ABDL (Part 2)

Oct 27 • 50:23
On this episode, we pick up with Part 2 of our discussion with @diaperedkent (FL) about the modern history of the ABDL community in the US. We pick up in the 1990's with the dawn of the digital age, and discussion about how the internet, email etc. sped up the pace of connection and brought with it some of the early sites in the community, as well as some of the community...

LIB 84 - The Early Days of ABDL (Part 1)

Oct 10 • 55:11
None of us know how long ABDL has been a thing in concept, but it has been a thing in name (in one form or another) for 50 years or less. And the ABDL community has been around for an even shorter period, evolving from snail-mail correspondence and back-room photo developing through the days of the very first PO boxes, personal ads and meet-ups, and well into the internet...

LIB 83 - Early Mistakes and Dangerous Situations

Sep 27 • 51:11
This week's episode is out, and as always I wanted to get it straight to you! This week's episode was a request: what about those mistakes that people make early on that can actually be dangerous? And how do you avoid them? So we talked to two people who had just that experience and were willing to share their experiences, and some tips for next time. Huge thanks to D...

LIB 82 - Data Privacy & You

Sep 13 • 43:45
In this episode we talk to a cybersecurity expert (and friend in the community) about common mistakes people make regarding their data privacy, and some really practical tips and tricks on how you can do an even better job making sure your private life is kept truly private.

(It's also a first for LIB -- RY is substituting his voice in for our expert's in real-time for the ...

LIB 81 - Summer 2021 Question Round-Up

Aug 23 • 43:37
We are back from our annual summer hiatus, and rearin' to go! Psyched to get back into the question collection, dust off a couple of wonderful but overlooked questions, and hopefully pull out some timely advice. It's also time to share a new theme song from a talented LIB listener!

Here is our quarterly question round up, where we tackle issues like keeping friends betwee...

BONUS - World-Record Breaking Announcement!

Jul 9 • 10:36

LIB 80 - ABDL Makers Series - Build Your Own Diaper Store!

Jul 8 • 39:08
Some of us dream of making podcasts, some of us dream of making art or music or literature... and some of us just go all in and build an entire giant diaper store.

Well, that's what theses guests in our Makers Series finale did, anyway. We talk with @realcoffeemom (IG) @dadgazm (IG) @_fuzzy_dunlop (IG) and @dabsanddips (IG) about how they built their ABDL SuperStore, ABDLr...

LIB 79 - TipsyPantz roadnottaken

Jun 14 • 46:30
By popular request, we give you this counter-punch to the Drunkypantz RY episode... a very tipsy roadnottaken eating answering listener questions!

Key talking points of this episode include -
strawberry ASMR, terrible mathematics, what to do when 'the talk' goes bad, rnt's poor decisions, the missing kink, incontinence questions, dangerous online behavior, arts and literat...

LIB 78 - ABDL Makers Series - Sex Workers

Jun 1 • 43:10
Call it what you like: paid content creation, pornography, sex work... whatever you call it, it's a thriving part of our community and a place where a lot of creators and entrepreneurs show off their creativity and spirit (and sometimes lots more!) :)

This week's episode features Sunny Days (@littlebitofsunny, IG) and Chad Sexington (@nunchuckdaddyakabobby, IG) to share th...

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