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Glee was a wild show, right? Tanner and Christina sure think so! They're gonna go through every episode of the show and talk about the good, the bad, and the bizarre choices the show made. Along the way, they'll find out just why they're drawn to the show so much.

Popular episodes

2x16: It‘s Not Hard to Kill a Bird (ft. Sky Ertl)

Nov 25 • 01:30:22

They may have forgotten to put good parts in this episode, but more importantly our guest and friend Sky has uncovered a scandal of Avian proportions! This false flag operation will never be uncovered because there are ZERO adults holding these children accountable. Klaine gets cockblocked, Tanner counts as a choir , and Christina sings an F chord to pay respects, and more...

2x15: Queer and Meaningful Eye Contact (ft. Harley)

Nov 11 • 01:37:22

This episode has a lot of problems, but they managed to sneak some cinematic gold in there for us and our special guest Harley to enjoy. Still, it's a real weird energy as we try and rectify the decent lessons being taught with the absolute dirt-worst delivery. Tanner has a new ship, Christina tries to apply logic, Harley expands on a thesis, and Mercedes knows what f*ckin...

2x14: Bisexual Time Paradox (ft. Casey)

Oct 28 • 01:30:56

This episode contains descriptions of car accidents and implications about the graphic nature from 1:03:24 - 1:07:45, so we recommend skipping or treading with caution there.

2x13: Brittany S. Pierce, Princess of Heart (ft. laina)

Oct 14 • 01:19:44

Laina's here this week, and things are getting cheeky! This episode has at least two genders (maybe three), and we can't decide whether it's funny or everyone is just really dumb. Tanner is going to become the Bieber, Christina is headed to "Avatar: On Ice", and Laina has a multi-experience experience. Is this the episode that will make you hate Glee?...

2x12: Netflix‘s The Kissing Booth (ft. Charlie)

Sep 29 • 01:16:25

This week, to celebrate love, we brought on notable fan of the concept of love, Charlie! Ce's gonna help us deal with all the emotional turmoil attacking us (at the Gap). Finn is down bad for Quinn (maybe Sam), Santana is down bad for chaos, Tanner is down bad for a rugby team, and Christina wonders if this is a tiktok thing....

2x11: Sing the Homophobia Away

Sep 15 • 01:07:54

2x10: I Feel Like I‘m Watching an Old Smosh Video (ft. Theodore Monk)

Sep 3 • 01:23:56

POV: You're walking through a Christmas Tree lot while two horny teenagers sing at each other. That's right, it's Christmas in September and we've been joined by guest Theo so he can mansplain to us why the cameramen have weak bones. All Sues are bastards, Tanner chokes on their banana bread, and Christina suspects a gay ruse....

2x09: The Warblers are Pay to Win

Aug 20 • 01:11:53

It's time for Sectionals! Apparently. You wouldn't be able to tell from the title. There's gonna be gay stuff (not the ones you expected) and the best characters are gonna get tired of being nice. Also Tanner got really sick of Blaine real fast....

2x08: Two out of Three Carols Ain't Bad

Aug 4 • 01:11:54

2x07: Tots are Not Your Boyfriend

Jul 21 • 01:11:56

Gwyneth Paltrow has levitated into the episode this week and we just have to deal with it as we watch "The Substitute". There's one good moral and one...??? moral, but at least we got some glee club babies. Kurt's dancing is bad, Mike's is better, and we both call for assorted violence....

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