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Look West: How California is Leading the Nation

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Look West - A unique view of the people representing you in the State Assembly who are leading California to a better future for all. A series of conversations with California State Assembly members and the people they represent, the Look West podcast brings you a unique view of the people leadingRead more

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California Action on Missing and Murdered Native Americans

Nov 25 • 20:22
In this episode, we focus on the history of missing and murdered Native American people and how the allocation of new funds will help Native American communities. Murder is the 3rd leading cause of death for Native American women. In 2019, over 5,500 Native American women were reported missing. Assemblymember James Ramos introduced AB 3099 to create a program to develop la...

Acting on it: Getting Veterans the help they need NOW!

Nov 11 • 30:44
1.8 million veterans live in California. Our state is home to the largest number of veterans in the nation. Regretfully areas like Southern California, is also the where 1 out of every 10 homeless veterans live. We speak to Assembly Veterans Committee Chair Jacqui Irwin, CalVet Deputy Director Keith Boylan with Governor Newsom’s administration and Steve Peck, President of ...

California is on Fire: How to be Prepared and What to do About It

Oct 14 • 36:44
The state is on fire. Over 7,000 fires and 2.5 million acres have burned in 2021 alone, and the year is not even over yet. In this episode of Look West, Assemblymembers Wood and Bloom discuss the unique ways the fires have impacted their communities, as well as their thoughts on long-term fire prevention. Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter then weighs in with his expertise in how ...

MAKING A BABY: Parental Rights and Alternative Methods

Sep 30 • 27:30
Around the world, parents-to-be who aren’t able to make a baby the traditional way wonder whether their rights will be protected if, some day, a donor or surrogate makes parental claims. On the flip side, some potential donors or surrogates hesitate to provide services out of fear of being held financially or legally responsible for potential offspring. On this episode we ...

COVID-19 and Kids

Sep 3 • 19:08
The episode begins by talking to kids as they get their vaccine. Julia and her parent discusses vaccines and what she is looking forward to on her way to get vaccinated. Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris and her kids talk about how the pandemic affected their family and how things are changing now that they are vaccinated. The episode concludes with an interview with ped...

Keeping a Roof Over their Heads…What California is doing to help Tenants and Landlords

May 20 • 33:50

Legislative Families: The Story of Gene and Kevin Mullin

May 12 • 31:39
We started this episode doing research on the number of people from the same family that have served in the State Legislature. Our first interview was with Gene and Kevin Mullin. A Father and son that have represented the same area in the State Assembly. With the passing of Gene Mullin, we offer their views on having been Assemblymembers in the same communities in differen...

Connecting Californians: Expanding High Speed Internet

May 6 • 12:05
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted something many already knew before it struck last year – California needs to expand and improve high speed internet, or broadband, to everyone. Availability, Affordability, Devices and Digital Skills are just a few of the challenges facing Assembly Democrats as they work to close the digital divide and provide high speed internet to everyo...

Earth Day: A Greener Future

Apr 19 • 14:57

Vaccine Equity – Vaccinating All 58

Mar 23 • 31:51

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