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A podcast to improve your mental health.

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The Functional Alcoholic

Aug 22 • 55:56

Today we focus on the phenomenon of the functional alcoholic. Our guest describes her daily struggle with alcohol dependency and her ongoing quest for sobriety. ...

How to Choose a Therapist

Jun 17 • 01:07:57

How does one go about finding a therapist? Today we talk with Anicia Williams LMFT and Dylan Kersh LMFT and discuss the various pitfalls and strategies behind locating, interviewing and ultimately choosing the perfect therapist for YOU.  ...

Managing Depression...With Video Games??

May 13 • 56:31

Today we speak with Michael Downie, who swears by the curative properties of video games, dungeons and dragons, and simply pursuing the things in life which bring you joy. ...

Duel Diagnosis: What is the underlying cause, of the underlying cause?

May 3 • 33:54

Today we look at the underlying causes of the underlying causes...that is, if Duel Diagnosis is all about self medicating anxiety or depression with drugs or alcohol, what caused the anxiety and depression in the first place?  ...

Taking Risks: Psychology and Entrepreneurship

Apr 27 • 51:58

Today we meet Alec, a young, successful guy working in the advertising industry who has chosen to toss it all and pursue his dream of becoming an innovator in the world of custom made automobiles. We discuss the psychology of taking risks, assessing one's quality of life, as well as the fear of stepping into the unknown. ...

Living With Schizoaffective Disorder

Apr 4 • 46:27

Today, we define some of the differences between schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia. In addition, our guest will discuss what it was like to live for ten years while coping with persistent paranoid delusions. He will discuss how he eventually found help, and how schizoaffective disorder indelibly altered his life. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of resour...

A Year In Lockdown: Still Here, Still Coping.

Mar 15 • 56:16

Today we talk with Brad Smallwood, LMFT, about the challenges many of have faced over the past year of the pandemic. We focus on ideas such as "Chaos management" and learning to talk yourself down from "accepting invitations" by your partner or spouse who may attempt to engage you in an argument. ...

The Strange Situation: The Wild World of Sober Living Environments with Dylan Kersh, LMFT

Feb 12 • 01:25:26

Today we talk with Dylan Kersh, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, about our shared experiences in the world of recovery and the oft volatile living conditions  of the Sober Living Environment, or SLE—a home for persons in early recovery from addiction who are matriculating back into every day life. ...

So, What Is a Life Coach, Exactly?

Jan 30 • 46:53

Today, we have a conversation with Saima Jamshed, a Life Coach out of San Francisco, CA. We discuss the similarities and differences between seeing a Life Coach and a regular licensed therapist such as an MFT, like myself, or an LCSW. Also, you will get to listen as Saima puts me in the hot seat and uses "Parts Work" to analyze my problematic relationship with food. ...

Can Chiropractors Actually Help You?

Jan 23 • 34:02

Today we Speak with Dr. Jacobs, a chiropractor out of San Francisco. Together we discuss the myths, risks and rewards of chiropractics. Dr. Jacobs will also focus on how chiropractors are trained and educated, as well as his personal journey towards becoming a chiropractor. Lastly, he will also offer tips on how to insure that your chiropractor is the real thing. ...

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