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Don’t Let Old Wounds Die Out

Dec 20 • 28:26

Head of Audience Catherine Cusick, Head of Fact-Checking Matt Giles, and Freelance Writer Nick Chrastil share what they've been reading and working on....

Normal Sucks: A Conversation with Jonathan Mooney

Dec 17 • 40:50

Longreads Founder Mark Armstrong speaks with award winning writer, entrepreneur, and activist Jonathan Mooney, author of the book Normal Sucks, about ways in which we can reorient how we think about diversity in education and how to reframe demoralizing systems of learning that aren't working for differently abled children....

Connecting Online and Loving Malformations

Dec 13 • 34:59

Head of Audience Catherine Cusick, Contributing Editor Aaron Gilbreath, Essays Editor Sari Botton, and The Rumpus Editor-in-Chief Marisa Siegel share what they've been reading and working on this week. ...

Anyone's Son: A Family's Quest For Justice

Dec 10 • 45:53

Cody Dalton Eyre, a 20-year-old Alaskan Native, was having a mental health crisis on Christmas Eve, 2017 when his mother called 911 for help. So why did police officers end up shooting and killing him?...

Reporting Crime or Turning to Crime

Dec 6 • 33:12

Head of Audience Catherine Cusick and Head of Fact-Checking Matt Giles share what they've been reading and working on this week. ...

What’s Happening to My Body? by Devorah Heitner

Dec 3 • 26:41

Devorah Heitnerreflects on the ways she is reclaiming her relationship to her own body while grappling with the legacy of her mother’s poor body image and early death....

Under The Influence: Jakiya Brown and Akilah Hughes On Where The Influencer Economy Has Arrived

Nov 29 • 33:10

To reflect on her three-part Longreads series Under The Influence, Culture Columnist Soraya Roberts continues to explore how influencers operate in the online ecosystem, how identity fits in, and what has changed over the last decade, in conversation with influencers-and-more Jakiya Brown and Akilah Hughes. ...

Longwrites Round Table: Family Stories

Nov 26 • 40:13

In our first "Longwrites" discussion of the pieces which take years to write, Longreads' Head of Fact-Checking Matt Giles, sits down with James Williamson and Tim Requarth to discuss time spent rendering tales about relatives....

Open Secrets: Celebrity Sexuality and Athletic Abuse

Nov 22 • 36:40

Editor-in-Chief Mike Dang, Contributing Editor Danielle Jackson, Culture Columnist Soraya Roberts, and The Believer’s Deputy and Co-Interview Editor Niela Orr share what they've been reading and working on. ...

Writing the Mother Wound: Essays On Mothering

Nov 19 • 38:19

Longreads Contributing Editor Danielle Jackson speaks with writer and creator of the Writing Our Lives workshop Vanessa Martir about Writing The Mother Wound, a series of essays they co-produced on mothering. The two also share excerpts from the series, read by their authors....

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