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Long Now: Conversations at The Interval

Society-and-culture • Education • Technology

A long-term thinking lecture series from The Long Now Foundation: these hour long talks are recorded live at The Interval, our bar / cafe / museum in San Francisco. Since 02014 this series has presented artists, authors, entrepreneurs, scientists (and more) taking a long-term perspective onRead more

Popular episodes

What’s The Future? It’s Up to Us.: Tim O'Reilly

Mar 4 • 01:09:33
Based on four decades in technology and media, constantly in the eye of innovation, O’Reilly is starting vital conversations about our future. Be ready for keen details on how we got here, a frank assessment of emerging challenges, and a bold call to action for the sake of the generations on the horizon.
Tim O’Reilly is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc. If you’ve hear...

The History & Science of a Persistent Malady: Scurvy Salon

Jan 29 • 01:04:49

Bay Area Telecommunications Infrastructure History: Rick Prelinger

Jan 20 • 01:01:27

The Geological Reveal: How the Rock Record Shows Our Relationship to the Natural World: Miles Traer

Dec 18 • 01:06:18

Art Thinking + Technology: A Personal Journey of Expanding Space and Time: Scott Kildall

Sep 25 • 01:04:56
What place is there for art in the 21st century world of technology, business, and science? Everywhere. Award-winning cross-disciplinary artist and current SETI artist-in-residence Scott Kildall discusses collaborating with scientists, technologists, and others. He'll share his work and explain the vital role for Art Thinking as a tool that offers perspective
 in a dynamic...

Adapting to Sea Level Rise: The Science of New York 2140: Kim Stanley Robinson

Jul 17 • 01:04:27
Legendary science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson returns to The Interval to discuss his just released novel New York 2140. Robinson will discuss how starting from the most up to date climate science available to him, he derived a portrait of New York City as "super-Venice" and the resilient civilization that inhabits it in his novel. In 02016 Robinson spoke at The Int...

Science Needs Fiction: Annalee Newitz

Jul 14 • 01:12:30
Science fiction does more than predict future inventions. Stories are a testbed for exploring the unexpected ways people could incorporate technology into their cultures. Science journalist and novelist Annalee Newitz will discuss how scientists, innovators, and the rest of us benefit from the crucible of imaginative fictions.
Annalee is the author of the bestselling novel ...

Sometimes Brilliantin Conversation with Stewart Brand: Larry Brilliant

Jun 29 • 01:02:31
From 01960s political protests to successfully eradicating smallpox, Brilliant recalls his long, strange trips around a changing world. His personal stories include icons of the last century from Steve Jobs to MLK to the Grateful Dead. Recollections of a visionary physician, technologist, and seeker, in conversation with Long Now's Stewart Brand with whom Dr. Brilliant fou...

Coding Ourselves/Coding Others: D. Fox Harrell

Jun 11 • 57:59
Through building and analyzing systems, D. Fox Harrell's research investigates how the computer can be used to express cultural meanings through data-structures and algorithms. In his talk he showed that identities are complicated by their intersection with technologies like social networking, gaming, and virtual worlds. Data-structures and algorithms in video games and so...

Modern Surveillance: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do: Jennifer Granick

May 4 • 01:14:08
The future of privacy begins with the current state of surveillance. The 21st century practices of US intelligence agencies push the technological, legal and political limits of lawful surveillance. Jennifer Granick is a civil liberties and privacy law expert with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who is the perfect guide to how the system works and the technologic...

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