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Who is Lolita? The Nabokov literary classic has sparked infinite discussion in the 65 years since its release, but the cultural memory the book has left behind lives more in romance and fashion aesthetics than a cautionary tale about a deceptive predator and his young prey. Jamie Loftus wants toRead more

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10: Poems That Take 1000 Years to Die

Feb 1 • 02:06:40

On the finale of Lolita Podcast, we look at the legacy of Dolores Haze -- where she's been, and where she may be going....

9: The Four Lolitas

Jan 25 • 01:30:55

On the next to last episode of Lolita Podcast, Jamie takes a look at the lives and careers of the four women who played Dolores Haze in the four major adaptations to date....

7 (Part 2): Lolita In the 90s

Jan 13 • 01:19:43

In Part 2 of our episode on the Lolita 1997 movie adaptation, we dig into America in the 90s -- a wave of movies full of teen girls as sexual demon, how The Long Island Lolita redefined Dolores to a new generation, and dive into the complex production and release of Adrian Lyne's Lolita....

7 (Part 1): That Time David Mamet Wrote a Draft of Lolita (And Other Hollywood Tragedies)

Jan 11 • 01:07:09

It's high time we talk about the 1997 movie adaptation of Lolita by Adrian Lyne. Between Stanley Kubrick's adaptation in 1962 and Dominique Swain playing Lolita in the '90s. In part one of this two-parter, we take a look at knock-off Lolita productions, how the conversation around child sex abuse changes in Hollywood and America in the 80s and 90s, and how Stranger Danger ...

6: Lolita the Cover Girl, Lolita the Pop Star

Jan 4 • 01:21:34

How long have we been judging Lolita by its cover? To be fair, they're not much help. This week, Jamie guides you through a crash course on Lolita/nymphet aesthetics -- when we say 'Lolita,' what are we really talking about? We take a look at the visual legacy of Lolita's book covers, persistence in advertising and how misreads of the text have been haunting pop music for ...

5: Dolores Onstage

Dec 21 • 01:26:11

Trigger warning: this episode contains discussion of child sex abuse and pedophilia....

4: Dolores, Psychology, and Survivors

Dec 14 • 01:44:41

Content warning: this episode contains discussion of child sex abuse and pedophilia....

3: How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Lolita? (1962)

Dec 7 • 01:23:54

Well, they didn't. This week, Jamie dives into the backstory to Stanley Kubrick's 1962 adaptation of Lolita, interviews one of the world's foremost Kubrick scholars, examines Vladimir Nabokov's involvement and how the first Lolita, Sue Lyon, was treated on set and in media....

2: Volodya Takes America

Nov 30 • 01:13:04

Vladimir Nabokov is your favorite author? Name five of his short stories written in Berlin in the 1930s. This week we look into how the author of Lolita's attempts at writing around the book's themes pre-dated his masterwork by several decades, the endless saga of getting Lolita published, some of the story’s earliest critical misinterpretations and the life of one of the ...

1: Dolores, Not Lolita

Nov 23 • 01:09:41

Who is Dolores Haze? Since Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov was published in 1955, readers have formed strong opinions on the story’s narrator and his framing of the titular character. But Lolita and Dolores Haze are far from the same person. Jamie Loftus gets into her history with the book, and dives into the events of the book....

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