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Join Dave Jackson and he shares insights into geeky weight loss gadgets, insightful articles, and success stories on losing weight, feeling better, and living healthier. He's also pretty darn funny.

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Little Changes Lead To Big Weight Loss

Jul 7 • 27:39


Did You Hear What You Ate?

Jun 16 • 27:16

Today I talk about a way to be honest with yourself along with a new protein drink I'm trying and my first steps with a new rowing machine. 


In the last episode, I was 235.7, and in this episode, I'm at 235.2. While I would appreciate a larger number, I am grateful to be going in the right direction.


In the past, I've been in some weird health-r...

Tips to Cut Back on Sugar

May 31 • 26:38


Safely Start HIIT Safely

May 24 • 32:40

Today I bring on Michael Merlino from https://www.inflightrunning.com/ who joined the School of Podcasting who is has been a fitness trainer for 23 years. ...

Losing Your Dad Bod

May 10 • 21:51

Will Smith is going to document losing his "Dad bod" (a big belly) on YouTube. He didn't say how. When I asked uncle Google how to lose a Dad bod here are some tips from the top results:...

Resitance Bands Struggles

Apr 26 • 25:38

I'm sad to report that I'm up 1 lb and I'm at 235....

Do I Need Vitamin D?

Apr 5 • 20:26

Vitamin D is a nutrient that your body produces when you are exposed to sunlight. It is also found in food, including fish and eggs. You might be wondering if you need Vitamin D in your diet because of the COVD (Climate Change). There have been many cases where people were deficient due to lack of exposure to the sun. In this blog post we will talk about what Vitamin D doe...

Oliver Mnakondo Is Your Guide to a Plant Based Diet

Mar 29 • 28:20

After noticing that I don't know any over-weight vegetarians. I've been thinking about moving to a more plant-based diet. Then I was approached by Oliver Mnakondo and I checked out some videos and I just noticed the heart of a servant. He really just wanted to help people feel better, and help your body (and throw away those medications...

Three Easy Steps to Spark Thermogenic Weight Loss

Mar 15 • 36:21

Stu Schaefer has been helping people transform their bodies - and lives - for the last 20 years. He is an expert at resetting a person's body and putting them into a Thermogenic state so they burn fat automatically. He's the author of Lifetime Physique and The Novo Method. And he has been featured on radio and TV all over the country....

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