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Lockdown Conversations


Lockdown Conversations was born amid the COVID19 pandemic with a vision of uniting people from different walks of life. We invite speakers from around the world; to share their knowledge and views on topics that matter the most right now. Every episode is unique and covers a range of issues, andRead more

Popular episodes

EP: 06 Modern Storytelling: On-demand, on mobile | Lockdown Conversations

May 6 • 01:44:01

In this episode, we have invited four leading names in the media and entertainment industry to help us understand how the always-on mobile generation has sparked a revolution in the way we consume media and entertainment. 🎥✨  This revolution has changed the very fundamentals of film making, editing, and storytelling. How does one respond to this changing by the day landsc...

EP: 05 Digital Wings to Remold Businesses | Lockdown Conversations

Apr 29 • 01:15:16

In this episode, we will understand ways businesses can use digital tools and platforms to remain upbeat and relevant during and post the COVID19 crisis! 🛠📲  Do you own a business, a startup, or an enterprise OR you're building a community or a non-profit? And need a framework or a process to stay relevant in these times? This episode helps you answer all your questions....

EP: 04 Community Heroes | Lockdown Conversations

Apr 20 • 01:11:33

This Episode is of our  'Community Heroes' who are working tirelessly to feed those in need, provide medical care, taking care of the housekeeping staff, and raising money to support the needy. 🌱🙌  Governments and healthcare professionals around the world are doing their best to fight the COVID crisis. There are people like you and me who are playing a critical role in h...

EP: 03 The world of Crypto | Lockdown Conversations

Apr 13 • 01:18:55

Discover the world of cryptocurrencies and understand why experts believe crypto can change the world. ...

Ep: 02 Home Fitness | Lockdown Conversations

Apr 10 • 01:17:46

Home Fitness 🏡💪🧘‍♀️ Are you missing the gym? Staying at home doesn't mean you can't stay fit. There are loads of things you can do to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. 🏋️🧘‍♀️   This episode of the Lockdown Conversations unleashes the nuances of staying fit being at home. And to discuss, we've got top fitness professionals who will be guiding you through th...

Ep: 01 Introduction & Talks | Lockdown Conversations

Apr 9 • 01:37:03

With Coronavirus Pandemic on the rise across the globe, we intend to throw light on the problems, brainstorm, and find opportunities in the wild through our Lockdown Conversations.  "Nothing unites a nation quite like having a common enemy." - Georg Simmel, We should be mindful of the situation and find creative ways to spend time during the lockdown. 'Lockdown Conversatio...

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