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Lochhead on Marketing™ is the award winning, chart topping podcast for entrepreneurs, marketers, and category designers with a different mind. Most people do not like it.

Popular episodes

134 The Problem With Most Marketing Plans

Nov 24 • 11:17

In this episode, let’s talk about the problem with most marketing plans, and what you can do about it....

133 Creating Categories, Movements, & Startups with Sangram Vajre, WSJ Bestselling Author of MOVE

Nov 17 • 01:40:24

On this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, we go on a deep dive into category design, community building, to starting a company and becoming a category leader with Sangram Vajre....

132 3 Meta Problems With Facebook

Nov 3 • 12:43

On this episode, let’s talk about at least three Meta problems with Facebook. How, in light of their recent situation, they managed to launch a new category out of nowhere. The question is, was it a legendary move?...

131 Maybe The Most Important Equation Ever

Oct 27 • 09:22

On this episode, let’s talk about what might be the most important equation in business and in marketing....

130 Thinking About Thinking Is The Most Important Kind Of Thinking

Oct 20 • 17:26

In this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, let’s talk about why thinking about thinking is the most important kind of thinking....

129 Presentations: Why They Suck & What To Do About It with Dushka Zapata & Dan Roam

Oct 13 • 00:00

If you’re a regular listener, you know that we have very few guests on this podcast. That is because I believe that 90% of what we get taught about marketing and entrepreneurship is either wrong or not very helpful. So I want to make sure that whoever we have is legendary, and also very helpful. Well, today at Lochhead on Marketing, you not only get one, but two legendary ...

128 The Theranos Scam: Implications for Entrepreneurs, Startups, VCs & Marketing Leaders

Oct 6 • 24:46

All of you have probably heard about Theranos by now, and the huge impact it made in the industry. Though no matter the outcome of the trials of Elizabeth Holmes ( Theranos founder & CEO) and Sunny Balwani (Theranos COO), their actions represent a demarcation point for Silicon Valley, startups, VCs, and marketers....

127 The Electric Vehicle Category: Unpacking The Rivian IPO with Al Ramadan, CoAuthor of Play Bigger

Sep 29 • 50:14

The electric vehicle category is a giant new mega category that is completely changing the transportation landscape. Rivian is a startup who has yet to ship a product, yet somehow is pioneering a differentiated category in EVs. It is also on the verge of what will likely be a massive, multi-billion dollar IPO....

126 How To Spot Legendary Startup / New Category Ideas

Sep 22 • 18:36

In this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, let’s talk about how to spot a legendary startup / new category idea....

125 How Services Firms Do Legendary Category Design / Category Creation

Sep 15 • 00:00

In this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, let us talk about something that I get asked about all the time. That is, can service firms do Category Design? Simple answer, Yes....

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