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Little Explorers - Countries In The World

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"Travel in the younger sort is a part of education; in the elder, a part of the experience" — Francis Bacon Do you know there are a total of  195 UN recognized countries in the world? Do you know Russia is the largest country in the world? Do you know Vatican City is the smallest country inRead more

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St Lucia

Nov 30 • 04:19

A country with the only drive in volcano in the world, St Lucia is a small island nation in the West Indies. With rainforests to wildlife, the country has abundance. Listen in to know more....


Nov 26 • 04:22

Dominica is the newest country in the Caribbean region. A country with more  than 365 rivers, 9 volcanoes and 2/3rds of it as rainforest, this country has blck sand beaches. With 2nd largest boiling in the world this place has volcanic springs rising from its ocean floor. Listen in to know more about this place...

El Salvador

Nov 23 • 03:51

Nick named as "Land of Volcanoes" this country has hundreds of them, with 20 active ones. El Salvador is the smallest country in central America, and it does not have any coast on the Caribbean sea. Listen in to know more about this place....


Nov 17 • 04:44

The country with largest blue hole, screaming monkeys and distinct bird species. Belize is a place with vibrant wild life living on many islands. Listen in to know more....


Nov 11 • 05:13

This transcontinental country lies on the cross roads of North and South America. The country associated with the famous Panama Canal. There is also the oldest function rail network....

Antigua and Barbuda

Nov 9 • 04:01

This country has 365 beaches, does not have any river, and one of its peak is names after Barak Obama. The two islands of the country Antigua and Barbuda are 63 kms apart. This is also a part of cricket playing group of the Caribbean nations, The West Indies, and its also home to Sir Vivian Richards. Listen in to know more about this nation....


Nov 4 • 03:55


Nov 2 • 04:27

Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean's. First discovered by Columbus, the country has an island completely occupied by the pirates. Very rich in biodiversity, Haiti has people who take pride in their culture and show them through their music and art. Listen in to know more....


Oct 29 • 04:22

Name of this country translates to "The Great Depths", words that came out of Columbus's lips when he landed here in his final voyage to the Americas. A football crazy country, it has world's second largest coral reef. Listen in to know more....

Dominican Republic

Oct 26 • 05:22

Larger part of the Hispaniola island, Dominican Republic is a country of firsts. The first European settlement in the Americas to first university, this place has lots to offer in terms of unique things. Listen in to know more about the place....

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