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Are you new to the life insurance sales industry?...or have you been struggling to find your footing and develop real sales growth and profitability in your career? Perhaps you are an independent agent who’s gotten some traction but are hitting some roadblocks and now you are ready to take yourRead more

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The Four Stages of Insurance Sales Mastery (Ep. 93)

Dec 1 • 41:09

Many agents quit because they do not know where they are going or, even worse, where they are in their growth and development. When they do not know where they are in the process, they feel stuck, throw up their hands and quit. They do not realize that everyone must go through a learning curve and that everyone faces similar challenges in the learning curve. ...

How to Write $600,000 in Insurance Premiums in a Single Week Without Paying for Leads (Ep. 92)

Nov 24 • 42:22
On today’s episode Roger talks with Brian Askins, the President and CEO of Secure Insurance Group in Springfield, MO. Brian is a veteran in the insurance industry, with a unique story and success track record. He and his team have 2 offices in Missouri but have over a thousand licensed agents around the country. Brian breaks down his strategy of growing his sales without ...

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Agents Make in Sales (Ep. 91)

Nov 17 • 38:03

How to Survive in Marriage and Business with Anthony & Rickeyta Starks

Nov 10 • 37:09

Anthony and Rickeyta Starks are multi-talented rockstars. Rickeyta is a growth coach, motivational speaker, and an award-winning author. Anthony has built a six-figure insurance agency and is on a mission to help one hundred people create $100,000. Anthony and Rickeyta have a deep passion for helping entrepreneurial couples. In this episode they share their story and insig...

Designing Your Business for Impact and Profitability with Carol Wesley (Ep. 89)

Nov 3 • 43:17
Most agents get into life sales because of the potential income. It doesn’t take long for agents to realize that this is a people business and that many of the people seeking guidance for life coverage are underserved or poorly served. The agents who have the most success are not only profit driven but are also impact driven. Carol Wesley is a top producer in the industry,...

3 Keys to Quick Profitability In Insurance Sales (Ep. 88)

Oct 27 • 25:41

For show notes and agent resources, visit

This One Thing Is Keeping You Broke (Ep. 87)

Oct 20 • 30:18

According to statistics 94% of agents who enter into sales fail in the first year of business. Failing out of a business is hard enough but it is even more difficult when you do not even know why you are failing. In this podcast, Chris and Zach discuss the one thing that is keeping agents from succeeding and the steps they need to take to finally win....

7 Key Principles of Scaling Your Business - Part 2 (Ep. 86)

Oct 13 • 41:01

7 Key Principles of Scaling Your Insurance Business - Part 1 (Ep.85)

Oct 6 • 49:48

He responded to an ad for life insurance sales hoping for a way out and a fresh start. While he is an admitted slow starter, everything changed for him in 2015 when he got serious and committed to change the financial future for his family of five children. ...

The One Word That Changes Everything in Sales (Ep.84)

Sep 29 • 51:53

In this episode, Zach and Roger discuss the word that discourages most agents but excites the successful. Listen in to learn what this word is and how you can use it to grow your business. For show notes and agent resources, visit

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