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Lewis Black is providing you the opportunity to get whatever the hell is bothering you off your chest! Night after night on the road, Black delivers his wildly popular The Rant Is Due livestream where citizens of the world write in to tell him whatever is pissing them off. Lewis Black's RantcastRead more

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#61 - Oh My God, There's an Oh My God Variant

Dec 8 • 51:18

After a hiatus to get ready for appearing in public again, Lewis is back with a new episode of the Rantcast. And while he spent his time away preparing his new act, the rubber chicken started working on getting his degree in psychology. That advanced education will come in handy as not a day goes by that doesn't traumatize the American psyche. From new COVID variants to th...

#60 - **CLASSIC EPISODE** If You Don't Skip This Thanksgiving You Might Not Be Around For The Next

Nov 24 • 50:02

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! As we all sit around and give thanks for making it another year during these uncertain times, we thought it would be great to revisit an older episode of Lewis Black's Rantcast. We decided to visit last year's Thanksgiving episode just to take a visit to where we were this time last year and remember that we've come a long way, even i...

#59 - NY Comic Con Edition

Nov 5 • 31:43

Last October, the folks at NY Comic Con asked its festival-goers to submit their rants about one of the nation's largest pop culture events. They then invited Lewis to perform those rants as part of a special edition of the Rantcast for their Metaverse online programming....

#58 - On The Road Again

Sep 22 • 01:01:01

Lewis is finally back on the road, as the “It Gets Better Every Day” tour gets rolling throughout the lower 48....

#57 - Is There an Expiration Date on Stupid?

Sep 15 • 01:22:02

Twenty years after the September 11th attacks it’s hard to say that we have learned any valuable lessons from that tragedy. Do we have more common sense and a better understanding of foreign relations? Nope. Do we care about the people of New York more than we did 20 years ago? Fuhgeddaboutit. And after two decades of daily being told to never forget, the one thing we can’...

#56 - All For None, and None For All

Sep 8 • 01:24:30

Twenty years ago this week, the United States suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history. Following the horror of that triple death-from-above assault, the country was about as united in purpose as it can be, and in agreement, mostly, about what we saw happen. Not so much now when we cannot even agree on what reality is. Our views on the events of the world have be...

#55 - Al Roker You're Nuts

Sep 1 • 01:15:47

The good news of the week: Lewis' Baltimore Orioles finally won a game! Also, he had a birthday....

#54 - God Must Really Hate Haiti

Aug 25 • 01:38:24

While the tribulations of the world were on an endless loop of Haiti, COVID, and Afghanistan, Lewis' anger this week comes from a very personal place, but with a universal lesson. After a year and a half of being extra careful with everything germ-related, Lewis and a group of fully-vaccinated, often-tested friends had dinner together last week, only to find out the next d...

#53 - Idi-f*ck-its

Aug 18 • 01:24:45

A week off did nothing to temper Lewis’s anger or his sense that history has folded in on itself....

#52 - On the Road Again

Aug 4 • 01:32:01

After a nearly 500-day hiatus, due to the biblically cataclysmic global plague, Lewis made his “post”-pandemic performance debut. Was it outdoors? Yes. Was it in front of physically present live humans? Indeed! And while he may have had the comedy equivalent of the "twisties", the audience at the Chautauqua Institute could not have been more gracious or appreciative. All i...

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