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Stef Hamerlinck is your host in this show on brand strategy where I interview industry leaders in branding, design, and strategy. Get inspired and become a better brand strategist. Learn how to solve bigger problems. To get more insights on how to become a creative strategist, visitRead more

Popular episodes

Ian Barnard - Measuring awareness

Jun 18 • 56:53

In this episode, I talk with Ian Barnard, a marketer from Canada that specializes in SMEs and non-profit organizations. We take a deep dive into measuring awareness and salience. What tools and techniques to use, what to be mindful of, and a lot more. It's a great hands-on episode so I think you'll enjoy it! ...

Haris Spahic - Strategy for startups

May 17 • 01:05:09

In this episode, I have a chat with Haris Spahic, founder of Constellate strategy, a strategy consultant focused on startups. We have a conversation about differentiation, loyalty, complexity, and how to apply all of that for startups. It's a slightly new type of format, where I and the guest are challenging each other instead of me just 'interviewing' the guest. ...

James Hankins - Share of search

May 3 • 01:06:28

In this episode, I talk with James Hankins, Consulting Strategist, and Founder @ Vizer Consulting. James has had a busy year, coining (together with Les Binet) concepts like Share of search and the Hankins Hexagon. We get into the weeds of Share of search and how to apply it to your brand. ...

Samuel Brealey - Marketing on a budget

Apr 12 • 55:52

In this episode, we're talking with Samuel Brealey, a marketing consultant based in the UK. We talk about how to help small businesses make more money with marketing. How to build a brand on a budget and a lot more. Samuel has a very pragmatic and 'real' approach to marketing that I really admire. ...

The ugly truth(s) about branding - Austin Franke

Mar 15 • 01:00:00

In this episode, I talk with Austin Franke, brand strategist and founder of consultancy firm Woopunch. Austin has quite an unconventional approach to branding, using knowledge from behavioral science and other evidence-based fields. We talk about some ugly truths in branding and how we can move beyond the typical branding cliché's. ...

Cedric Engels - The power of sound

Feb 17 • 54:20

In this episode, we talk with Cedric Engels, author of the amazing book 'the power of sound' and co-founder of the sonic agency 'Sonhouse'. We talk about the importance of sound for brands but also how sounds affect the human brain (and soul). Cedric brought with him a bag of epic sounds so it's a fun little ride through sonic land. ...

Effective branding: A case study by WeWantMore

Feb 2 • 01:01:18

In this episode, I interview Michiel & Jan-Pieter from Antwerp based brand & design studio WeWantMore. We talk about their award-winning branding case for Neuhaus. It won a bronze 'Effie' award, which is an award focussed on the 'effectiveness' of creative campaigns, not just 'creative idea'.  ...

Bill Kenney - Focus Lab - B2B branding & creativity

Jan 13 • 37:40

JP Castlin - Strategy in complexity

Dec 22 • 01:11:24

In this episode, I talk with my strategy hero, JP Castlin. We talk about the upcoming Castlin manifesto and how its perspectives on strategy will be quite controversial. For decades, 'deliberate' strategy has been the norm in the different strategy disciplines of marketing and branding, but JP offers an alternative view, 'emergent strategy'. ...

What is a brand?

Dec 14 • 31:27

A brand is a distinctive experiential promise that represents a business....

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