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Stef Hamerlinck is your host in this show on brand strategy where I interview industry leaders in branding, design, and strategy. Get inspired and become a better brand strategist. Learn how to solve bigger problems. To get more insights on how to become a creative strategist, visitRead more

Popular episodes

Best global brands 2021 - Naeiri Zargarian (Interbrand)

Nov 29 • 48:55

In this episode, I talk with Naeiri Zargarian, a strategy director at Interbrand. We take a deep dive into the 'Best global brands report for 2021' and what we can learn from it. We talk about some specific brands but also overall trends and the future. ...

Faisal Siddiqui - How to build a big brand on a small budget

Nov 15 • 55:52

In this episode, I chat with Faisal Siddiqui, founder of Creative business company and former strategy director at Prophet. Faisal and his colleagues recently released a fascinating white paper in which he lays down some of the fundamentals of how to build a big brand on a small budget. We go deep into the tactics but also talk about the broader picture and market dynamics...

Building the sims brand - Laurel Stark / Tiara Puglisi

Oct 25 • 52:27

In this episode, I talk with marketing director Tiara Puglisi and creative director Laural Stark from the 'the Sims', a brand owned by EA electronics. We talk about their fascinating jobs at this legacy brand, and how to keep on building on it. We talk about the world of gaming and how it converges with marketing. It's a very fun chat so I bet you'll enjoy it! ...

My biggest fears as a brand strategist

Oct 10 • 36:44

In this solo episode I take a deep, therapeutic dive into the fears we have as strategists. I discuss things like the imposter syndrome, niching, T-shaped profiles, and how to cross the valley of despair.  ...

Paul Feldwick - Why does the pedlar sing?

Oct 4 • 44:53

In this episode, I talk with a personal hero, Paul Feldwick. Paul is the author of game-changing books 'The anatomy of Humbug' and 'Why does the pedlar sing?'. His views on advertising and brand-building are truly unique. The power of 'fame' and entertainment is something that is often ignored in a world where we want to do 'serious' stuff. Paul brings us back to the true ...

Brandon Shockley - Brand tracking & research

Sep 28 • 51:41

In this episode, we talk about brand tracking & research with Brandon Shockley, Vice President Market Research at 160over90. We take a deep dive into brand tracking and the metrics that matter. As a little bonus, I also have a mini-interview with Angelay Mullins, CMO at Latana, a brand-tracking tool....

Jon Cohen - Asking for trouble

Sep 20 • 53:45

In this episode, I talk with author and market researcher Jon Cohen. We take a deep dive into the world of 'asking'. What can we learn from talking to consumers? What are the dangers? When is a good time to ask and what makes for a good question? Find out in this interview! ...

Margaret Kerr-Jarrett - Verbal identity

Sep 13 • 38:44

In this episode, I talk with Margaret Kerr-Jarrett. Margaret is a writer and strategist. We talk about verbal identity, what it is, how to create it and how to make sure it matches with visual identity. ...

The brand audit

Sep 6 • 34:49

In this episode, I talk about the brand audit. What it is, why it's valuable and how I approach it. ...

Ian Barnard - Measuring awareness

Jun 18 • 56:53

In this episode, I talk with Ian Barnard, a marketer from Canada that specializes in SMEs and non-profit organizations. We take a deep dive into measuring awareness and salience. What tools and techniques to use, what to be mindful of, and a lot more. It's a great hands-on episode so I think you'll enjoy it! ...

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