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Let’s Learn Croatian

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A podcast dedicated to learning the Croatian language and culture in a fun round about way. Hosted by Uncle Mike and co-hosts Tony D & DJ MOE. This podcast is intended for the person looking to learn general phrases or the person who needs to brush up; all are welcome and it’s fun for the wholeRead more

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Episode 60 - New Vocabulary in Croatian Women's Fashion, Let's try on some new words! Cravat!

Dec 6 • 19:59

Hello Prietelji, 

Today Uncle Mike continues to navigate Tony D & DJ MOE through the world of Fashion, this episode we learn some words for Women's clothing. So tune in to learn a few new words that are used everyday.

In the Super Slatko Report, DJ MOE stays with the fashion theme and tackles the Cravat. Uncle Mike requested this one a while back and he finally gets his wish...

Episode 59 - Croatian Dialogue Breakdown - Weather!

Nov 22 • 27:13

Hello LLC Friends!

Today you're in for a treat, Uncle Mike brought us back something pretty special from his last trip to Croatia. He made a recording of two native Croatian speakers talking about the weather. Uncle Mike breaks it all down for us with new vocabulary and new phrasing usage.

Too good to be true? find out for yourself.

See you there!
LLC Team....

Episode 58 - Sip, sip, Hooray! This LLC Pod is all about WINE!

Nov 8 • 24:00

Hello LLC Friends, 

That's right, this lesson is all about wine. Uncle Mike will give us some great new vocabulary to help you through the harvest and preparation of wine as well as a few more ways to maximize your grape harvest.

In the Super Slatko Report, DJ MOE will talk to us about the wine known as Grk! So many interesting talking points on this tasty wine variety.

Lots ...

Episode 57 - It's Open Season on New Croatian Vocabulary and lets learn about the Lika Regoin

Oct 25 • 24:20

Halo LLC preitelji!

In Lesson 57 Uncle Mike will go over some new vocabulary for the Seasons. More new words that are all about whats happening now around you, so that you can hopefully put these words to practice as soon as possible.

In the Super Slatko Report, DJ MOE, talks about the Lika Region. A few cool reasons to move there or visit, or both!

Sounds like another fun ep...

Episode 56 - This lesson has our tails waggin'! Let's Learn Croatian words for pets!

Oct 11 • 26:47

Hello to all you LLC prieteljie!

Episode 56 is a fun one. 
Uncle Mike and the boys are learning words for Croatian pets. 
Stories are shared, laughs are had, please join us and learn what one of your best friends is called in Croatian.

Not related, but DJ MOE talks Peka! 
Another food related Super Slatko Report coming in hot!

See you there!
LLC Team...

Episode 55 - Time to roll up your sleeves and learn Croatian clothing vocabulary and we talk Rovinj!

Sep 27 • 25:55

Hello LLC friends!

Welcome to lesson 55.
Today Uncle Mike will teach Tony D how to say pants and shirt in Croatian. If only he could teach Tony how to wear them more often too... 

In the Super Slatko Report, DJ MOE will take us to the city of Rovinj. Sounds like another place to add to your itinerary with lots to see and do.

Another great lesson awaits!

LLC Team....

Episode 54 - Time to learn your Croatian Possessive Pro Nouns and we also talk Donkeys!

Sep 13 • 37:05

Welcome to E54!

Another action packed LLC lesson coming your way. Uncle Mike and Tony D start to dig into possessive pro nouns and how to use them. This lesson is perfect for those battling over igračke, torta or that last kirikki, "Hey, that's my kikiriki!" (sound like anyone we know?...)

DJ MOE will talk to us about Donkeys and their contributions to Croatia through the ye...

Episode 53 - This lesson will give you a little direction and we talk Otok Korčula!

Aug 30 • 27:08


In this lesson Uncle Mike and Tony D are going to give you a little push in the right direction! In Hrvastski of course... With these new words, you will finally know which way you're going.. kind of.

The Super Slatko Report takes you back to Korčula! Definitely a place DJ MOE has gotten to know pretty well, maybe one day you can to!

Another fun lesson awaits, see you ...

Episode 52 - LLC goes back to School and Space?!

Aug 16 • 37:13

Hello and welcome to E52!

Glad you could make it.

In todays lesson, Uncle Mike takes Tony D back to school. Tune in for some great vocabulary related to going to school. You can finally ask to borrow an olovka from your neighbor.

DJ MOE takes us to space with an interview with Ivan Sardelić, the President of the Astronomical Society of  Korčula. Ivan has years of experience l...

Episode 51 - LLC takes you on an Emotional Rollercoaster so you can express how you feel, in Croatian!

Aug 2 • 26:38

Bok, prijatelji!

In E51, Uncle Mike will help Tony D sort out his feelings with some new Emotional Croatian vocabulary. You will finally be able to tell your Croatian loved ones how uzbuđen or uzbuđena you are to be able to speak Hrvatski with them!

The Super Slatko Report is full of Truffles. 
DJ MOE will talk you through some fun Truffle facts and their connection to Croati...

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