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Leighton Night with Brian Wecht

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A talk show for the terminally online, but now it's also a podcast. Join your hosts Brian Wecht (Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb) and Leighton Gray (Dream Daddy, Game Grumps) for interviews with interesting people from around the internet, emotional honesty, goofs, advice, and more. Come hang with us.

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Episode 93: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Me? (feat. Jory Griffis)

Dec 3 • 01:59:30

On this extremely fun episode, we're joined for the third time by the illustrious, iconic, inimitable Jory Griffis for two whole hours and what DON'T we talk about? We cover all the bases: Brian's dreams, Ghostbusters, the virtues of the Youtube dislike button, movie soundtracks, why stand-up comedy is hard to watch, and more! We highly recommend watching the video version...

Episode 92: I Would Rather Have Had Nothing (feat. Miles Luna)

Nov 26 • 01:43:49

Folks, do we have a Thanksgiving treat for you! Tuck into this super fun episode where we're joined once again by Miles Luna (@TheMilesLuna) for a discussion about gum, fast food, hat soup, In Bruges, cannibalism, a brand new segment, and more! We may or may not eat some tissues in this one. Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leighton_night. You ca...

Episode 91: You Had Me At "Hot Rats" (feat. David Calano)

Nov 19 • 01:31:55

On this first ALL HAT recording of Leighton Night, we're joined by Fantoons writer/director David Calcano (@Fantoons) for a lovely chat about David's career, the death of Blockbuster, Doctor Who, Frank Zappa, how good Brian looks in a hat, and more! Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leighton_night. You can find Brian on Twitter/Instagram at @bwech...

Episode 90: The Forbidden Synth Takes

Nov 12 • 01:15:13

It's our 90th episode, baby! And it's a Leighton and Brian solo sesh with all of the hottest, freshest takes you could possibly ask for: sandwiches, synthesizers, scarers, Skellotrons, scintillating smooth jazz stories, and more! Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leighton_night. You can find Brian on Twitter/Instagram at @bwecht, and Leighton at @...

Episode 89: The Hateful Life And Spiteful Death Of Leighton Night With Brian Wecht (feat. Shaun Raviv)

Nov 5 • 01:32:23

On this lovely ep, we have a chat with journalist and podcaster Shaun Raviv (@ShaunRaviv) about the history of vaccines, Slate Star Codex, living abroad, sci-fi books, our favorite Simpsons lines, and much more! Listen to Shaun's podcast Long Shot wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leighton_night. You can find Brian ...

Episode 88: M,ILF (feat. Alpharad)

Oct 29 • 01:15:35

The fantastic feelings are flying fast and furious in our first face-to-face with our fabulous friend Alpharad! We talk about Casey Anthony, the new Space Jam, Lorax fan ficiton, an erotically charged scene from the Angry Birds movie, fusion jazz, and more. It’s a great time and no topic lasts more than a few minutes, which actually works out pretty well for everyone invol...

Episode 87: Dominated By The Dominator (feat. Jim Roach)

Oct 22 • 01:28:53

On this glamorous glimpse into the world of music production, we're joined by friend and NSP/Starbomb producer Jim Roach for a nice chat about file management, synth patches, the creative process, NSP song lore, horrifying hashbrowns, file management again, and more. Check out the new NSP album wherever you get music, and get a copy at us on ...

Episode 86: Two Minis IV

Oct 15 • 01:22:53

Episode 85: It’s All Comin’ Up Satan (feat. Suzy Berhow)

Oct 8 • 01:24:02

Welcome to the most haunted episode of Leighton Night. We're joined once again by Suzy Berhow (@Mort3mer) for a very spooky chat about being nice on the internet, shadow people, ghosts, numerology, flying hangers, quantum mechanics, and more! It's a good one! If you want to come to our show The Witching Hour LIVE in LA, you can get tickets at Follow u...

Episode 84: The Feig-Feige Continuum (feat. Jerik Centeno)

Oct 1 • 01:14:05

Hooray! We're joined once again by our wonderful producer Jerik Centeno (@jerikcenteno) for a chat about the only good accounts on Instagram, the score for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, how microwaves work, feet facts, and more. We resurrect an old segment and audition some new ones. It's chill! Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leigh...

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