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You do have stories that must be told. Host Robb Lucy will inspire you to collect and share them today while you can enjoy them.

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Will You Leave a Legacy of Chaos or Comfort?

Jan 29 • 21:36

When life throws devastating changes at you, be ready for it with Nancy Juetten’s ‘Life Goes On Roadmap’. One of your legacies will be no chaos, no crisis, just a clear road to follow in comfort!...

Is the Wisdom of our Time Disappearing?

Jan 7 • 14:22

This new 14-minute episode of the Legacy Café podcast features the story of man who dramatically refocused his life, and you can take advantage of his work....

Mother's Story- A recipe to ensure it doesn't disappear

Jul 16 • 18:13

15 years ago, Marilyn Norry challenged women actors to write the facts of their mother’s life. She then turned those stories into a stage play....

How your legacies can make your community a better place to live

Apr 30 • 22:11

Is there something you’d love to have in your community… that just isn’t there?...

#29 Ken Dychtwald's landmark study on legacy and aging

Feb 26 • 33:58

What is the lasting gift of Legacy? And - who’s giving that gift? Or not bothering at all?...

#28 AARP: Disrupting Our Lives and Legacies

Feb 20 • 19:23

Boe Workman argues that many of us 50+ are living a revolution… determined to leave our mark on the world. "We want to disrupt the traditional aging process so we can spark new solutions that will allow us to live the best life we can."...

#28 Financially Blessed? Live and Leave a Transformational Legacy

Jan 29 • 19:42

As a listener to The Legacy Café, you know that a ‘Legacy’ is so much more than money and ‘stuff’ handed down to the kids....

#27 The New Story Creators....Your Kids!

Oct 17 • 18:25

When a young person looks at a picture on the wall and asks parents and grandparents “Who is that?”, they’ll be off on a journey that will benefit them thru their lives....

#26 FACT: Family Stories Build Resilient Children

Aug 21 • 25:19

What’s the secret for a happy family? They talk. A lot....

#25 Your Family's Legacy? Only 1% Will Be Memorable

Jul 19 • 24:25

A Conversation with Steve Marken...

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