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Lectures in Intellectual History

History • Society-and-culture

Recordings from the popular public lecture series featuring new work on all aspects of intellectual history. Hosted by the Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews.

Popular episodes

John Robertson - The Refutation of Natural Law by Sacred History in Giambattista Vico's New Science

May 7 • 59:57

Giulia Delogu - The Emporium of Words: Free Ports and Port Cities as Laboratories of Modernity (16th-19th centuries)

Mar 26 • 42:19

Thomas Maissen - Britannia and her sisters in the 16th and 17th centuries: Political Representation and Iconography

Mar 19 • 52:50

Ian MacLean - Old wine in new bottles? Hippocrates, the classical tradition and the Early Enlightenment

Mar 5 • 54:56

David Weinstein - Green's Hume

Feb 20 • 48:59

Lucia Rubinelli - Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Weimar Germany

Feb 13 • 47:01
Dr Lucia Rubinelli (Cambridge) delivered the 18th István Hont Memorial Lecture on October 29 2019 at the University of St Andrews "This paper is the third chapter of a book manuscript, titled Constituent power: A history. The book mainly focuses on how Sieyes’ first theorisation of pouvoir constituant has been used and misused by subsequent theorists, including Carl Schmit...

James Poskett - Materials of the Mind: Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920

Feb 6 • 54:01
Dr James Poskett (Warwick) delivered this lecture on October 15th 2019 at the University of St Andrews. Phrenology was the most popular mental science of the Victorian age. From American senators to Indian social reformers, this new mental science found supporters around the globe. James’s new book, Materials of the Mind, tells the story of how phrenology changed the world...

Emma Hunter - Africa and the Global History of Liberalism

Jan 30 • 45:43

Silvia Sebastiani - The Boundaries of Humanity in the Enlightenment: Orangutans, Slaves and Global Markets.

Jan 23 • 01:04:14

Richard Whatmore - The End of Enlightenment: A synopsis of the 2019 Carlyle Lectures

Dec 19 • 49:39

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