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Learn Thai on the go with BananaThai podcasts by Kru Smuk where learning Thai is as easy as peeling a banana.

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Farangs Talk Thai with Kenny Marshall (How he develops Thai conversation skill from being an ahlete)

Nov 28 • 20:31

This is another episode that will inspire you to learn Thai with real experience and tips from a foreigner who masters conversational Thai. Please meet khun Kenny Marshall of F45 gyms in Bangkok. ...

EP.38: 10 Interjections that make you sound Thai

Nov 10 • 18:50

How does Thai sound for you? Speak Thai naturally with interjections or sounds we make with different emotions - shocked, sad, impressed, doubting, etc. Let's get started. ...

Farangs Talk Thai: Dr.Donna Robinson from MedConsult

Oct 31 • 13:14

In this episode, you will get to know one of the most well-known doctors in the Bangkok expat community. She has been in Thailand for more than 30 years and successfully passed the medical exams in Thai language and has established a successful clinic in Bangkok. Please welcome Dr. Donna Robinson. ...

EP.37: Extra Polite Thai Sentences from my Hotel in Phuket

Oct 21 • 18:44

Greetings from Phuket! I am staying and doing workation for 2 weeks from the beach. During my stay, I heard the hotel staff talking extra nice and polite Thai to me and other guests. So I want to share and compare extra polite and casual Thai for you in this podcast. ...

EP.36: Thai sentences for learning Thai in a classroom

Oct 12 • 18:57

I gathered 10 useful sentences used in a Thai class for you here. Let's learn each of the sentences with a full explanation. To see both Thai and English Transcripts, click here to read my blog post. ...

EP.35: Make a Comparison in Thai (กว่า,ขึ้น,ลง)

Oct 5 • 23:22

To compare one thing to another thing in Thai, we use the word กว่า (gwàa) however, there are other words and more exceptions to learn. Let's dive into this podcast lesson and learn all cases with practical examples.
Read the lesson notes...

EP.34: Golden Rules when Thais repeat a word twice (คำซ้ำ)

Sep 21 • 18:37

Why do Thai people like to repeat a word twice? สบายๆ (sa-baai sa-baai), กล้วยๆ (gluay-gluay), etc. Find the answer and learn to repeat a word properly in 4 cases with examples. ...

EP.33: Thai Slang on social media **UPDATE 2021**

Aug 27 • 21:24

I hope you enjoy this quick podcast lesson with me.

Got feedback or idea? Write to chat with me at

EP.32: Thai word choices of "Suddenly" and how to use them properly

Jul 7 • 21:09

There are many words as "Suddenly" in Thai such as ทันที, กระทันหัน, อยู่ๆ, อยู่ดี ๆ, etc. In this podcast, I will teach you how to use them in different situations with various helpful examples. ...

EP.31: Try out my newest Thai listening program (Thai Dialogue 1 - Intermediate)

Jun 10 • 23:03

I am so excited to let you try out my new program to help you improve your conversational Thai skills by listening to a quick and fun dialogue. If you're a fan of my podcast, this program is made or especially for you. Don't forget tojoin the waitlist if you're interested in this program. ...

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