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Lean Leadership for Ops Managers is a podcast for leaders in Ops Management who’ve had some targeted success with Lean, but haven’t yet built the everybody-everywhere-everyday improvement culture they crave. In each episode, former Fortune 100 Ops Executive and Lean Enthusiast Jamie V. Parker willRead more

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Everyone Needs Knowledge Management with Dr. Cynthia J. Young | 051

Jul 28 • 24:29

When team members leave their roles, what happens to all the institutional knowledge they have in their heads?

How much of a disruption is it when people move positions, retire, or go on extended absences?

Dr. Cynthia J. Young shares how everyone in the organization can use knowledge management to make these situations better.


Building Organizations Where People Contribute Their Best (because they love working there!) | 050

Jul 21 • 13:01

It’s one thing to “keep” team members. It’s another to keep them while they’re also fully engaged and contributing their best. Creating a workplace culture that helps people thrive is the answer to the current challenge: how do we compete in the employment market. ...

Making Our Organizations "Best Places to Work" | 049

Jul 14 • 14:35

“How do we build an organization where people want to work & tell others how great it is?” 

Organizations are struggling to fill open positions, and with more virtual job options available, people are no longer just looking to work at companies in their local areas. So executives are asking this question as they try to tackle the “labor shortage.”...

Engaging the Frontline in Improvement with Aaron Davidson | 048

Jul 7 • 25:17

What needs to happen to transition from event-based lean to an improvement culture? 

One required step is engaging the frontline, but that brings challenges as fear or resistance may show up. 

Aaron Davidson, Corporate Director of Employee and Guest Experience at Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, shares how he engages the frontline and the role lean plays in volatile industr...

The Magic Wand that Makes Lean Operations Management Easier and Better | 047

Jun 30 • 15:25

“If you had a magic wand, what is the first thing that you would fix in an organization you’re coaching?”...

The Levels of Conflict Every Leader Should Know | 046

Jun 23 • 21:11

Have you ever left a conversation and thought “Whoa - that was blown out of proportion”? Or “Whoa - that escalated quickly”? ...

Lean Culture Requires Productive Conflict | 045

Jun 16 • 13:00

You can’t have a lean culture without conflict, but so many organizations and leaders are NOT comfortable with conflict. Here’s the question: “What would be the impact to your organization if you could have less destructive conflict and more productive conflict?”...

Cultivating Innovation with Erlin Kakkanad and Bella Englebach | 044

Jun 9 • 33:43

How would you define innovation? What enables a culture of innovation? How do lean and innovation fit together (or not)? Erlin Kakkanad and Bella Englebach share their insights about innovation and frugality, the intersection of Lean and innovation, and examples of real case studies....

Choosing Better Thoughts for Continuous Improvement Coaching | 043

Jun 2 • 14:53

It’s one thing to become aware of thoughts that aren’t serving you. But how do you actually change them? How do you choose thoughts that will yield better results? And what’s the relevance in Lean Leadership?...

Coaching Techniques for Self Leadership | 042

May 26 • 15:06

So often leaders want to learn how to “fix other people.” To get them to do the work, to get on board, to be better. But true leadership starts with our own self awareness and self management. ...

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