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The world needs more leaders. Leaders from the past and present share what works, what doesn't, and how you can best lead more people now and in the future.

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Creating Healthy Conversations with Wendy Mamer

Dec 2 • 39:47

“You may not have a mental illness, but you do have mental health,” says Wendy Mamer. It’s one of many powerful takeaways from her TEDx Talk, Survivor of Suicide Loss: A Title I Never Wanted. As an ardent mental health advocate, she speaks to it in a way that only she can. And by creating conversations that normalize our innermost experiences, she’s paving the way for othe...

Thanking the Leaders Who Inspire Us with John T. Meyer

Nov 25 • 36:29

Who are the leaders who inspired you? It’s the question John T. Meyer asks every Leadmore guest. While the responses are as diverse as the guests themselves, a single theme runs through: We’re thankful for them....

Being Human with Nate Poeppel

Nov 18 • 33:21

Nate Poeppel does a lot of things. He’s the go-to audio engineer in Sioux Falls, the producer of the Leadmore Podcast, and he’s a unique friend to many, including host John T. Meyer. He also had a lot of things including a house, a car, and a studio. ...

Down the Web3 Rabbit Hole with John T. Meyer

Nov 11 • 17:00

In 2009, host John T. Meyer took time off from his corporate consulting job to attend SXSW. While it was the first of many non-traditional moves for John, it also changed his life....

Building Power with Taneeza Islam

Nov 4 • 32:09

It seems nothing can prevent Taneeza Islam from meeting her community’s needs in the moment. ...

Contributing to Community with Paige Pearson Meyer

Oct 28 • 40:57

Paige Pearson Meyer has a heart so big you can hear it in her voice. She’s also a sharp communications executive, a passionate contributor to her community, a mother to two young girls, a wife to Leadmore host John T. Meyer, and today, she’s a wealth of inspiration for his listeners....

Finding a New Superpower with Tim Schut

Oct 21 • 30:55

Since 2013, Tim Schut has picked a single word to serve as his annual theme. Last December, he chose the word courage. That was before he learned that Primary Progessive Apraxia of Speech, a rare neurodegenerative syndrome, would rob him of his superpower: speech....

Leading Together with Billie & Kelsea Sutton

Oct 14 • 54:45

Hardship is a powerful teacher. It can shape the way we think, the way we lead and change the trajectory of our lives—for the better. That’s what we learn from Billie and Kelsea Sutton’s remarkable story of love, adversity, and leadership. While the pair grew up in Burke, SD, their relationship began across state lines in 2007. Only weeks into their budding romance, Billie...

Learning the Basics of Blockchain with Kyle Tut

Oct 7 • 48:08

If you follow host John T. Meyer on Twitter, then you’ve noticed his dive into the world of Web3. But do you know what the terms mean or how to get started? Whether you’re crypto curious or ambivalent about the future of blockchain, John believes all leaders should learn what the emerging space holds for them and how it will impact transactions in the future....

Building Consensus with Senator John Thune

Sep 30 • 37:32

Senator John Thune didn’t grow up with political aspirations, but a chance encounter opened that door over 46 years ago and ignited a storied career in public service. The Senate Minority Whip is now serving his third term in the U.S. Senate, and he’s bringing a rare collection of leadership lessons to share with Leadmore listeners. Ready to unpack them?...

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