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Laugh Tracks Legends of Comedy with Randy and Steve


Meet the legends of comedy in this fast and fun mini-program. Each week Randy Hodgins and Steve McLellan spotlight a different comedy icon, with biographical bits and a nice slice of the comedy that made them famous. From standup stars, to stellar sketch teams, to novelty music maestros -- theyRead more

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Mitch Hedberg

Nov 30 • 03:31

Mix surreal and offbeat one liners with an indelible stage presence and you get Mitch Hedberg, an icon of alternative comedy. Mitch's cadence was low-key and jazzlike while his subject matter took on the absurdities of everyday live. The result was like bringing the best Far Side cartoons to life. As always, find extended cuts in the comments at and th...

Gabe Kaplan

Nov 23 • 03:31

Meet Gabe Kaplan, standup star, sitcom legend, and world-class professional poker player (!) in this miniprogram. Gabe mined his real-life high school experience for laughs early in his standup career and good thing because it led to the comedy classic "Welcome Back Kotter" in which Gabe returns as a teacher to his alma mater. It was a sweet gig and when it ended Gabe retu...

Jane Curtin

Nov 16 • 03:31

Meet Jane Curtin, an original SNL cast member who went on to more fame on tv and the big screen in a career now nearing 50 years. Jane could play both funny and straight and she created some indelible characters in the process from tough consumer reporter Joan Face to Conehead matriarch Prymaat to Allie Lowell in the hit sitcom Kate and Allie, Kate's cool and cerebral appr...

The Rutles

Nov 9 • 03:31

Meet The Rutles -- the comic creation of Eric Idle and Neil Innes who took a short Beatles parody on BBC's "Rutland Weekend Television" and turned it into a full length mockumentary, several excellent albums, and sold out worldwide tours. Dirk, Barry, Stig, and Nasty -- the "Prefab Four" -- managed the rarest of feats in making a mockumentary that had just the right amount...

Lewis Black

Nov 2 • 03:31

Meet Lewis Black, master of tightly wrapped comedic rage in this miniprogram. Lewis Black went from local theater to a legendary standup career when a pal who saw his backstage rants suggested that he take the stage and "start yelling up there." Through multiple comedy specials, sold out worldwide tours, and even a role in a Pixar flick (as "Anger", naturally), Lewis exper...

Amy Poehler

Oct 26 • 03:31

Meet Amy Poehler who has turned lightning fast improv chops, superb satirical skills, and an engaging personality into a legendary career. From the Second City to the Upright Citizens Brigade to Saturday Night Live/Parks and Recreation/The Golden Globes and beyond, Amy has left a big imprint on the modern comedy world. As always, find extend clips in the comments at laught...

Milton Berle

Oct 19 • 03:31

Let's go back to television's early days to meet Milton Berle whose madcap vaudeville style captivated early viewers and earned him the nickname "Mr. Television." "Uncle Miltie" also was a staple on tv variety and talk shows and on the Vegas strip, but it is as a founder and roastmaster of the Beverly Hills Friars Club where Berle was truly in his element. As always look f...

Robert Klein

Oct 12 • 03:31

Meet Robert Klein, master of observational comedy and versatile star of tv, film, and the Broadway stage. From early work as part of the Second City improv troupe to a series of classic HBO comedy specials to a late career run on "Will and Grace", Klein has charmed audiences with his always playful yet often pointed observations. As always, find extended cuts in the commen...

Professor Irwin Corey

Oct 5 • 03:31

Prepare to have your mind roasted by Professor Irwin Corey, "The World's Foremost Authority" whose improvisational ranting was a fixture on variety shows and standup stages for over 70 years. Dressed in his signature string tie, black swallowtail coat, and hair that looked like it has been styled by a blender, Prof. Corey could effortless spin a string of obscurities, phil...

Mojo Nixon

Sep 28 • 03:31

Great googly moogly -- it's Mojo Nixon, master of mirthful psychobilly music and this week's Legend of Comedy. Whether as a roots rocker singing "Elvis is Everywhere," as an MTV star in its glory days, or in his current incarnation as a Sirius XM DJ, Mojo has always specialized in comedy that rocks. As always, find extended cuts in the comments at and ...

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