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Emmy Award—winning producer, actor, and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond.

Popular episodes

LZ Granderson Being A Black, Gay Man, Progress in the Sports World, and Athlete Activism

Jul 24 • 01:30:02

Larry is joined by the LA Times Sports and Culture columnist LZ Granderson to talk about becoming comfortable with his identity as a Black gay man (8:26), NFL player Carl Nassib coming out as gay and the other progress the sports world is making to be more inclusive (47:24), and how he feels about athlete activism (1:07:29)....

Michael Pollan on Changing How We Think About Psychedelics

Jul 17 • 01:17:58

Larry weighs in on Richard Branson’s space trip and the return of mask mandates (01:00). Later, Larry is joined by writer Michael Pollan to discuss his latest book ‘This Is Your on Mind on Plants,’ the effects of Opiates on the body, and much more (10:00)...

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi on ‘Be Antiracist’

Jul 10 • 01:18:41

Larry opens the show with a weigh in on critical race theory (1:00). Later, he is joined by New York Times best selling author and host of the podcast ‘Be Antiracist’ Dr. Ibram X. Kendi to discuss the mission of his relatively new podcast (17:00), as well as what it means to be antiracist. Later, Dr. Kendi briefly dives deeper into critical race theory with Larry (49:00)....

Wayne Federman on ‘The History of Stand-Up’

Jul 4 • 01:32:44

Larry weighs in on Bill Cosby’s release from prison to open the show (01:00). Later, Larry is joined by comedian and author Wayne Federman to discuss his new book ‘The History of Stand-Up: From Mark Twain to Dave Chapelle’ (10:00). Later they look at the vaudeville era of comedy (29:00), how technological advancements such as the microphone changed comedy (34:00), and the ...

Sam Jay on ‘PAUSE with Sam Jay’

Jun 19 • 01:12:07

Larry weighs in on Juneteenth becoming a holiday, the Catholic church’s potential communion ban on President Biden for his abortion stance, and the “heartbeat bill” (01:30). Later, Larry is joined by comedian and writer Sam Jay to discuss working on her show ‘PAUSE with Sam Jay,’ the difference between writing for ‘Saturday Night Live’ vs. her own show, and much more (24:00)...

Helen Hunt on ‘Blindspotting’

Jun 12 • 01:04:26

This week, Larry weighs in on how the privilege of being from the United States has contributed to the country’s lack of interest in getting vaccinated (0:43). Larry is joined by Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt to discuss her latest work in the series ‘Blindspotting' (13:00). They also discuss a rejected ‘Twister’ reboot, her acting career, and much more....

Wanda Sykes on ‘The Upshaws’ and Getting Her Start in Stand-Up Comedy

Jun 5 • 01:05:09

To open the show, Larry again weighs in on alien conspiracies, as well as Tucker Carlson’s quote on COVID-19 vaccinations being the “medical Jim Crow" (1:00) Then, Larry is joined by Emmy Award-winning comedian Wanda Sykes to discuss working on her new Netflix show ‘The Upshaws’ during the pandemic (13:00). They also talk about Sykes transitioning from a NSA agent to stand...

Barry Jenkins on ‘The Underground Railroad’

May 22 • 01:17:45

Larry briefly weighs in on the conservative attack on women’s reproductive right, as well as alien conspiracy theories to open the show (01:00). Later, he is joined by Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins to discuss adapting Colson Whitehead’s novel into the television series ‘The Underground Railroad’ on Amazon Prime (13:00). Later, they discuss the art of directing (34:0...

David Oyelowo on Why He Decided to Create the Movies That He Wants to See

May 15 • 01:15:49

Larry is joined by actor and director David Oyelowo to talk about getting into acting and why he decided to create his own production company (17:47), making his directorial debut with ‘The Water Man' and what it was like to direct himself as an actor (35:37), and why he's drawn to making movies with fantastical elements (51:53)....

Malcolm Gladwell on ‘The Bomber Mafia’

May 8 • 01:08:42

Larry weighs in on ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ and the importance of gratitude to open the show. Later, he is joined by New York Times best selling author Malcolm Gladwell to discuss his new audio book ‘The Bomber Mafia,’ how advances in technology change warfare, and more (11:00)....

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