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#229 Alyson Charles

Dec 6 • 01:21:34

Alyson Charles as with everything came into my view at just the right time. I’ve had questions about Power(spirit) Animals lately and VOILA!! She gave me great clarity on my questions as well as graced us with her backstory and journey to now. Enjoy this one fam I certainly did....

#228 Adam Chin

Nov 26 • 01:21:38

Adam Chin’s background may be sales, but he totally undersold himself as an Asian Hillbilly. He’s a beast and I’m so grateful for our time together and getting to share that with y'all. He’s one of the brains behind the Enlifted Coaching Program as well as Procabulary with Mark England(go back and listen to my episode with Mark). These guys have cooked up some of the great...

#227 Dr Nathan Riley

Nov 18 • 01:36:28

As I mention in the podcast I see Nathan and I forming a strong brotherhood. He is a truly special doc with some incredible insight for the world. Go check him out and enjoy this one fam. Be sure to reach out with any and all feedback as well....

#226 Jared Pickard

Nov 11 • 01:43:36

Jared Pickard is a new guest to the show, but you better believe he’ll be back fam! He has a wealth of knowledge on biodynamic farming, anthroposophy and manifesting a vision with pure love. We dive into the biodynamics of his spread in the mountains of NorCal. Please seek out his incredible product “Summer Solstice Serum” wherever you can find it, but here’s the places he...

#225 Red Pill Solocast

Nov 6 • 02:07:05

As I said, if you've made it this far with me, buckle up, this episode is still a whopper. There’s a ton of resources and media to take in here. All things in moderation. There is light at the end of the tunnel fam. We must hold the line and stay united. Please reach out with any questions. Find me on Zion where my community is “Kyle Kingsbury” and the PubKey for it is lin...

#224 Dane Wigington

Oct 28 • 01:06:41

I feel like I’ve labeled a few guests as of late as warriors, but that’s the tribe I’m calling in and Dane Wigington certainly fits the bill. In this convo we get a little background of what thrust Dane into this arena as well as going deep into geoengineering. Check out our conversation then go see what we’re talking about at  in his own doc ...

#223 Mike Lee

Oct 21 • 01:01:10

Mike Lee is a fellow former combatant as a boxer. I see in his career an incredible mirror for mine. He is currently owner of my absolute fav CBD company,, who just happens to be a show sponsor. Enjoy this conversation and go check them out with code “KKP” for 15% off! Enjoy Fam! ...

#222 Charles Clay

Oct 14 • 01:10:22

Charles Clay is a newer brother, but a brother nonetheless. He is also a coach, a bodyworker, and so much more. He brings a lot out and up for me in this ep. There is a special light around him that brings the world around him up in vibration. Love this dude and love sharing this convo with y’all! Enjoy fam!...

#221 Greg Schmaus

Oct 8 • 01:18:24

Greg Schmaus is a man. I loved this conversation as I say it is a nice light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you find a way through all the shadow coming through in the world right now. Enjoy and please reach out via IG to Tash and I, or just jump on Fit For Service Academy and we can link up there! ...

#220 Paul Chek

Sep 30 • 01:57:16

The Chekster is back and he is as vibrant as ever at 60!! We got into the deep deep waters and awakened his warrior in this episode. Listen, take notes and please please please seek out these resources as well as the documentary Paul sent me: 2030 Unmasked - A great wake up documentary ...

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