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Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik


Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time! Your coach, Jim Kwik (his real name), is the brain & memory trainer to elite mental performers, including many of the world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities. In this easy to digestRead more

Popular episodes

257: The Breakthrough Formula with David Nurse

Dec 6 • 19:53

What is the formula to create breakthroughs in your life and learning?...

256: Turn Anxiety into Your Superpower with Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Nov 29 • 20:00

How do you turn your anxiety into a superpower?...

255: Benefits of Gratitude for Your Mind

Nov 25 • 12:06

What are you grateful for at this moment?...

254: Optimizing Your Genius Eating Environment with Max Lugavere

Nov 22 • 20:01

How do you set up your food environment to have optimal brain performance and power? ...

253: Sleep Hacks & Tools with Scott Donnell

Nov 15 • 19:45

How do you improve your sleep? Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your brain. It cleans out damaging beta-amyloid plaques, converts short to long-term memories, and boosts your creativity while dreaming. But getting quality sleep can be challenging when you’re stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed....

252: Navigate Your Future with Simon Mainwaring

Nov 11 • 19:59

How do you change your future for the better? ...

251: Level Up Your Self-Esteem with Sandy Brigsby

Nov 8 • 19:59

How do you improve your self-esteem? Confidence is all about trusting in yourself and your abilities. But it can be challenging to trust in yourself when you don't believe in yourself. Today, we're excited to have back personal branding image expert and confidence catalyst Sandy Brigsby. She helps people discover their potential and unlock their inner confidence....

250: A Kwik Confidence Boost

Nov 4 • 19:27

How do you raise your self-confidence and self-worth?...

249: Reduce Brain Fog & Mental Fatigue with Rowena Gates

Oct 25 • 21:33

How do you reduce brain fog and mental fatigue so you can level up your executive function to be more productive?...

248: How Your Mindset Effects Your Body with Shawn Stevenson

Oct 19 • 19:48

How do you use your mindset to change your body?...

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