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Build your sales skills and win more business with Killer Media Sales. Find out how to pitch more effectively, close more deals and become a master of your time management. This weekly podcast reveals how you can deliver the best client outcomes, win more business and maximise your sales.

Popular episodes

The importance of language in your sales pitch

Dec 3 • 20:21

We all know how important language is in all aspects of communication in life. Language is more than just words, it has a currency of meaning. That's how we make sense of the world around us. But what about the use of language in sales? Is it really good to be the most knowledgeable person in the room and show it off to your client? In this episode of Killer Media Sales t...

The psychology behind sales

Nov 26 • 31:11

Have you ever wanted to understand why you feel particular emotions, and how are these affecting your sales results? Would you like to know how to control your emotions and behaviours so you can fight adversity and thrive in your work environment? Even more, if you’re looking to hire and expand your sales department, do you want to know what the crucial aspects are that yo...

Do your clients need to like you?

Nov 19 • 21:10

The desire to be liked is inherent to the human condition. But as a salesperson a deep understanding of what it is like to be “likeable” is extremely important in the sales process. However, wanting to be liked and please can become a barrier to closing a deal with your client, and as a sales person you have to understand what being “liked” means in a professional relation...

How to deal with competition

Nov 12 • 18:10

Dealing with competition is always challenging. But in the media sales industry it’s particularly hard when that “competition or competitor” you’re dealing with has a “win-lose” mentality. Usually there’s a level of mutual respect between like-minded competitors and they recognise that bad mouthing, sledging and casting aspersions on the integrity of the material they are...

The importance of having a 'now moment' in your sales pitch

Nov 5 • 21:01

The media sales industry is constantly changing and with this in mind, using the same pitch each time isn't going to work, because data changes all of the time. Sales people have to adapt quickly to these changes if they want to keep moving forward successfully. In this episode of Killer Media Sales, Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson talk about why it is important to r...

Exceed your expectations with a paradigm shift

Oct 29 • 22:42

Professional sports players will make small steps to slowly increase their skills, speed, strength and other abilities, and many salespeople will follow a similar regime....

Decision fatigue is real

Oct 22 • 20:42

Every day, people are presented with a multitude of decisions to make - whether that is what type of takeaway food to order or whether to spend a large portion of their companies budget on advertising. On this episode of Killer Media Sales, Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson decode the miriad ways in which you can help your prospects make easier decisions. They explore...

Harnessing competition for a competetive edge

Oct 15 • 19:44

Pancho Mehrotra returns for another episode of Killer Media Sales to unpack the psychology of selling and the competitive drive that is required for salespeople to succeed. For some people, competition is innate and is part of everyday life; for others, it is developed through a process of consistency and practice. Russell and Pancho explore how you can focus your energy ...

Embracing change in order to succeed

Oct 8 • 24:39

Salespeople can be sucked into the numbers game, and often can become exhausted in the process. Pancho Mehrotra knows this all too well, and on this weeks episode of Killer Media Sales, he reflects on his career in sales and the lessons learned in the process. Host Russell Stephenson speaks with Pancho about the barriers he faced along the way, how his attitude has change...

EDM's - A gift and a curse

Sep 24 • 25:23

Email marketing has been around for decades now, and can sometimes be seen as an afterthought to any media campaign. By looking at EDM's through a fresh perspective, salespeople can guarantee that they keep revenue flowing through good times and bad. On this weeks episode of Killer Media Sales, your hosts Alex Whitlock and Russell Stephenson explore the ins and outs of em...

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