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A mother-daughter duo with an obsession of true crime, supernatural, and adult beverages (don’t judge) decided to make a podcast!

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88. A Surfer in a Tub and a Talking Teddy in California

Nov 29 • 01:14:41

Welcome to episode 88 of Killer Hangover. Our Hangover this week comes from the California Surfer Cocktail ( thank you to our" target="_blank">PATRONS!!) Bettina begins the episode with all the nitty gritty of "Betty" Short- The Black Dahlia! Who do you think did it? EMAIL us your thoughts!! We'd love to share them on a upcoming episod...

87. A Yummy Beer and Possessions in Illinois

Nov 22 • 52:08

Cheers to Illinois and your yummy beer for this week's episode! Beth covered the true crime this week- the haunting murder of Teresita Basa. Did her ghost solve her own murder? Then Bettina shares the crazy stories of two Marys - a crazy story with possession, reading with a blindfold,  and lots of unanswered questions!    

Thank you Patrons for the yummy Goose Island Beer ...

86. Tinder and Bull Dogs in Nebraska

Nov 15 • 54:43

Bettina and Beth are back to chat true crime and paranormal stories out of the state of Nebraska!  Bettina shares the true crime story this week; the awful murder of Sydney Loofe.  The results of the crime are recent as of just last week!  Beth ends the episode with a haunted Cemetery - Ball Cemetery in Springfield NE.  With spooky standing ghosts, falling headstones, and ...

85. An Anger Inducing Tale and a 6 sided Octagon in DC

Nov 8 • 01:07:55

Take a shot of tequila, get those bells ringing (that will make sense after you listen, maybe...) But, enjoy while Beth and Bettina share true crime and paranormal stories from Washington DC this week. Beth has the true crime, a very anger inducing true crime; all about the death of Robert Wone. Bettina "rings" in the paranormal stories of the Octagon House. Cheers!

Thank y...

84. Whiskey, a Pokemon and a Candy Bar in Ohio

Nov 1 • 58:31

We're back!!! And, happy to be back!!  This week we share paranormal and true crime stories from the state of Ohio...joined by some baby coos of course!  Bettina shares the all too sad true crime story of Amy Mihaljevic...a case that is not cold; but still open! Beth googles for candy bars, shares a creepy true crime, and enjoys her beverage ( a little too much) all while ...

83. The Peterson Saga

Aug 30 • 01:58:41

This will be Killer Hangover's last Monday episode until NOVEMBER 1st; and its a doozy! Beth and Bettina chat all things Scott and Laci Peterson. You recognize the names but trust us when we say there is so much more to the story than you have heard!   

Make sure you join our Patreon for while we are gone... there you will find extra episodes, check in videos, photos and mo...

82. A Twist of Fate and a Witch Tamer in Tennessee

Aug 23 • 53:12

This week's episode covers many states! In ties to her crazy story Bettina decides to take a shot of apple Brandy! Cheers to this episode and only one more before Beth is taking shots with her!! Beth covers the true crime this week... one that includes bank robbers, prisoners, kidnappings and more! Bettina ends the episode with the legend... I mean, the verrrry factual sto...

81. Getting Serious in the Car with No Shoes on in Virginia

Aug 16 • 01:01:53

Beth and Bettina cover stories from Virginia this week! Beth chooses another "milky" cocktail for this episode; but, with a name like " The Ghost Cat" how could she refuse? Bettina has the true crime story OR stories! You tell us... do you think the Colonial Parkway Murders are all connected or 4 separate events? Beth ends the episode with the hauntings and some more myste...

80. The Facts About That "Kool-Aid"

Aug 9 • 01:18:25

Wow episode 80! This week Beth and Bettina chat all things The People's Temple, Jonestown, and Jim Jones. Cheers!  

Don't forget to join our Patreon to stay up to date on your Hangover gals while they take a little baby hiatus!!">

Resources and photos for this episode can be found at our website:www.k...

79. Witchcraft, Big foot, and Cults in Oklahoma

Aug 2 • 01:02:11

Oklahoma...where they all drink Long Island Iced Teas!? That's the cocktail this week with Bettina sharing the true crime and Beth sharing the paranormal. The true crime case is another cold case... what happened to the Jamison family? How did they die, and why?? Let's jump down some more rabbit holes this week shall we?  Beth ends the episode with the interesting history ...

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