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Hosted by KFC and Feitelberg, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personalRead more

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Ellyn Carrabis, Do Not Listen To This Episode Ft. Eric D'alessandro

Nov 30 • 03:50:42
Pup Punk Tickets:…s-place-of-new-haven


- Jared Carrabis joins us later in the show and makes some appalling confessions
- Feits is the Wizard of disgust
-The Book of F***ery:
- Roland the Farter
- How to use a credit card
- "get lost adventures" and more
Jacqued Up - NFL Week 12 Recap

Thank You Adriana Chechik | Esther Povistsky Interview | Brain Baumgartner Interview

Nov 23 • 03:30:00
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Feits beard trimming experience and the internet's reaction
Feits is buying another apartment complex
DNA Testing being used for crime solving
Update on our social team drama
John understands podcasts after listening to the Always Sunny pod
Adriana Chechik is putting her body on the line for your entertainment #ThankYouAdriana
John’s Got...

Taylor Swift Stole From Us Ft. Danny Lopriore (and Kelly Keegs + Rudy)

Nov 18 • 03:58:27
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- Taylor Swift stole Sad Boy Season (Ft. Kelly Keeps)
- Feits was disinvited from Thanksgiving with his family
- Feits sun-ins his hair
- When is the least likely time to Sui?
- Barstool’s graphic of” Best Female Singers” broke the internet
- Video Voicemails ft. Rudy
- Embarrassi...

Expressions Comes to America, First Stop: Friday Night Pints

Nov 17 • 42:17

Singer Pees Directly Onto Her Fan’s Face While Performing

Nov 16 • 02:43:00
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- We have a HOT start
- Feits has a bone to pick with Barstool Sports…
- Reviewing video of the singer who pees directly on a guys face while on stage
- Feits thought they bombed the live show….
- NFL Week 10 Recap - Jacqed Up
- Top Five Misheard Lyrics
- Video Voi...

It's Nudie Magazine Day! Ft. Colin Quinn and Mike Feeney

Nov 11 • 04:13:21
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- Do homeless people listen to podcasts?
- Ditching is one of the meanest things someone can do
- It’s nudie magazine day!
- If you only had one question to decide if someone can become your friend, what are you asking?
- Is Paul Rudd really the Sexiest Man Alive?

KFC Radio: Tue Nov 9, 2021

Nov 9 • 04:01:46
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- Did Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend f*** Leonardo DiCaprio?
- And is it actually best case scenario that your gf f*** Leonardo DiCaprio?
- The guys attended UFC 268 and recap their experience including
- awkward interactions with Bert and with ice cream boy
- Candace Owens was lo...

Frankie Borelli Has Dementia Ft. Gary Gulman and Sam Morril

Nov 4 • 04:16:46
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Frankie joins us for the pod today which means we go OFF the rails. The guys cover:
- Frankie has had the strong urge to moan
- Squid Game Porn
- Frankie isn’t going to be able to get a bank load
- Frankie’s anesthesia dick
- KFC shows Frankie and Feitelberg Bert’s Balls
- All three take tu...

Tom Segura Returns + Dermot Mulroney || The Sexiest Man on the Planet has been Found

Nov 2 • 03:41:33
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- Halloween costumes
- Dipping our toe in the water with guys who dressed as Kourtney and Meghan Fox
- Paulina Gretzkys friend is the sexiest man alive
- Steve Buscemi is the man
- Week 8 NFL Recap - Jacqed Up
- The Blink 182 lyrics are actually WHAT
- Top 5 Worst Halloween Candies
- Video ...

KFC Asked Bert Kreischer for a Picture of His Balls Ft. Whitney Cummings

Oct 28 • 03:29:26
- KFC's Beef with Bing Bong guy
- Feits' new tattoo
- Dunbar's Number - how many "friends" do you have?
- couple argues over mermaids
- asking to return a charger
- FULLY ghosted cheating boyfriend
- Voicemails
- Mom made out with Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Murder someone and go to trial
- Dumped at prom
- Skylarrrrrrrr
- 01:52:39 - Whitney Cumm...

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