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Hosted by KFC and Feitelberg, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personalRead more

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Our Hardest Top 5 Yet Ft. Natalie Cuomo

Jul 27 • 01:44:53
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- Is Feitelberg's hair red or blonde, and why do you think it's red?
- KFC's bachelor party ft. him running into a random house
- Suprise surprise the guys talk about boners again
- Top 5 Boners
- Shocked therapist
- Squidward dick
- Weirdest place you've woken up
- 01:...

Playin with Balls ft Henry Golding

Jul 22 • 01:49:40
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- Rudy Joins us for the first part of the show where he and the guys discuss
- fast food boners
- pre-nap boners
- airplane boners
- curved dicks
- stuffing your balls back into yourself
- farting out your own balls
- post nut clarity after you suck your own dick

Tommy Pham Watch Has Begun ft Camille Kostek

Jul 20 • 02:24:15
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-KFC and Feits Recap our first KFC Radio Live Show back. Thanks to everyone who came out! Keep an eye out for our next one.
-We do our third every KFC Radio Callback to the guy who created Tommy Pham watch
-We give Big Daddy Trent a call to understand why he was so confused about seeing...

Gay Guys Should Do Everything

Jul 15 • 01:35:28
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- Feits got "washboarded"
- Jackie proposes a new idea to boost KFC Radio morale
- Is Richard Geer
- Killing chickens
- Are elephants just big-time growers?
- Feits' new idea is that gay guys should rule the world
- Barry White voice to answer the phone
- 10-15 McChicken's a day
- Mrs. Clancy goo...

A Spittin' Chiclets x KFC Radio Crossover That Should Have Happened a Lot Sooner

Jul 13 • 02:23:13
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- Is Feits sunburnt or tan? - an office debate
- picking new colors to bleed, pee, and poop
- how to properly jerk off in a car
- what "gas tank" level would you want your body to show you? (This question will make more sense when you listen)
- the guys are not impressed with Conor Mcgregor
- KFC got punched by a...

You're Just Not Special At All Ft. Trevor Wallace

Jul 1 • 02:02:14
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- Doctors don’t know sh*t
- KFC and Feits rediscover friendship
- Nobody is as special as they think they are rant
- Am I The Asshole
- Girlfriend is starving on family vacation
- Wearing compression shorts at the gym
- Voicemails:
- Chickens vs Chimps (one of our new favorite voicemails)
- Kidney st...

Feits Returns from Harrowing Hospital Visit ft Harvey Levin

Jun 29 • 02:29:14
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⁃ Feits came very close to death, but he got good hospital stories out of it
⁃ Annual PSA: Summer. Fucking. Sucks.
⁃ You have a vagina in your throat
⁃ Feits (kind of?) joined the Pride parade
⁃ KFC went to the Bucks game with the internet’s newest celebrity: Dana Beers
⁃ Butt Chugging
⁃ Top 5 worst things about be...

The Furry Community Has Gone Mainstream ft Ari Shaffir

Jun 24 • 01:57:39
- Nick fills in for Feitelberg while Feitelberg is in the hospital
-Kevins dream of making the TV show “Bloggers”
-Sexy Beasts is really just a coming-out party for Furries + other kinks
-KFC might have burned a bridge with M Night Shyamalan
-Ben Zobrist issuing his pastor over alleged cheating scandal between him and his wife
-John McAfee is found dead in prison and we’re skep...

Trysta Krick DESTROYED Barstool Philly on the Electric Chair ft Will Compton

Jun 22 • 01:56:27
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- Feits is sick and his swollen face is hilarious
- Foo Fighters brought out Dave Chappelle, of all people
- Smitty having to endure Trysta screaming in his ear may have to be the worst electric chair moment in Barstool history
- Nate vs Frank Rivalry
- Top 5 Things to do when you...

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