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Key Battles of the Civil War


The Civil War was the most important even in American history. That's because it decided what kind of nation America would be and whether or not the promise of universal liberty would be fulfilled. And what decided the outcome of the Civil War was its battles.Hosted by history professors JamesRead more

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Introducing James Early's New Podcast "Key Battles of American History"

Feb 26 • 23:02
Did you enjoy this series? Then you'll love James Early's new show "Key Battles of American History." Check it out on the podcast player of your choice or go to Listen here to a snippet of his episode where he and a guest discuss the World War One movie "All Quiet on the Western Front." See for privacy and opt-out informat...

Episode 22: How the Civil War Lives on Today

Oct 1 • 01:04:56
In this very final episode, James and Scott discuss the lasting effects of the Civil War and why it is the single most important event in the history of the United States. The Revolutionary War may have answered the question of whether America would become an independent nation, but the Civil War answered the question of what kind of nation it would be. See

Episode 21: What Became of the Men Who Wore the Blue and the Grey

Feb 20 • 55:47

Episode 20: The Naval War

Feb 20 • 49:49

Episode 19: African Americans in Uniform

Feb 20 • 58:26

Episode 18: The Overland Campaign

Feb 20 • 45:58
It's now 1864. Lincoln is re-elected, and Sherman’s March to the Sea obliterated the Confederacy’s industrial base. But work remains for General Grant. He must contend with his greatest foe, Robert E. Lee. Now that Grant was directing the operations of the Army of the Potomac, Northern expectations were high. Southern expectations were also high. See for ...

Episode 17: Sherman's March to the Sea

Feb 20 • 53:49

Episode 16: The Battle of Atlanta

Feb 11 • 51:28

Episode 15: Chattanooga

Feb 11 • 41:17
Following Union defeat at the Battle of Chickamauga, Union forces retreated to the railroad junction of Chattanooga, Tennessee. From November 23-25, 1863, Union troops routed the Confederates at the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionaries Ridge; the victories forces the Confederate troops back into Georgia, ending the siege of Chattanooga and creating the groundwork f...

Episode 14: The Battle of Chickamauga

Feb 11 • 39:01
The Battle of Chickamauga marked the end of Union Maj. Gen. William Rosencran's offensive into southwestern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia and the most significant Union defeat in the Western Theatre. More died here than in any other battle, save Gettysburg. After the battle Union forces retired to Chattanooga while Confederates besieged the city by occupying the surro...

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