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Do you want to make smarter decisions about your money and your life? Do you want to make sure you have enough money to retire comfortably? Join Founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, Bill Keen, as we discuss money, life, and everything in between. Whether you’re on your way to retirement orRead more

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These 5 Estate Planning Mistakes Made Bad Headlines for Big Celebrities

Nov 17 • 38:10

When "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini died in 2013, he left behind an estate worth $70 million. The musician Prince died in 2016, and earlier this year, the IRS valued his estate at over $160 million. Michael Jackson was worth $500 million when he died in 2009. Aretha Franklin's estate was worth as much as $80 million when she died in 2018....

Analyzing October’s Bumpy Market History and Other Listener Questions

Nov 3 • 34:28

Pop quiz: What do Black Tuesday 1929 and Black Monday 1987 have in common?...

Deficits, Inflation, and Your Retirement Planning

Oct 20 • 35:42

Do budget deficits matter to the health of the U.S. government and economy?...

Will the Build Back Better Plan Affect Your Tax Planning?

Oct 6 • 32:39

One reason we advise our clients not to overreact to election results is that the plans candidates propose on the campaign trail often look very different once they've worked through the U.S. lawmaking process. President Biden's agenda has struggled with that very reality in recent weeks. As Congress continues to debate and negotiate the Build Back Better Plan, perhaps the...

Know Your Options for the 2021 Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Sep 22 • 31:16

It's that time again!...

How Much (If Any) Long-Term Care Will You Need in Retirement?

Sep 8 • 34:28

According to a recent study by Fidelity, a 65-year-old couple retiring today will need $300,000 to cover their medical expenses. Unfortunately, that eye-watering number only includes insurance premiums, deductibles, and copays. If you or your spouse need long-term care, which isn't covered by Medicare, your health care costs could end up putting a serious crack in your nes...

Former FBI Special Agent Jeff Lanza on the Latest in Cybersecurity

Aug 18 • 51:10

The pandemic closed a lot of doors in 2020. But for cybercriminals, business is always open. The more time folks spend socializing, working, shopping, and managing money online, the more sensitive data could be vulnerable to hacks and scams. Click on the wrong link or answer the wrong phone call and you could be at risk for significant financial loss or identity theft issu...

Here’s How Inflation Will Affect Your Social Security Benefits Next Year

Aug 4 • 33:41

Recently, while answering some listener questions about early retirement, I pointed out that every piece of your financial plan is connected to every other piece. Adjust one lever, and you might trigger some unexpected consequences if you're not working with a professional who can help you anticipate and prepare for further changes....

Keeping Your Financial Plan in Sync with an Early Retirement Goal

Jul 21 • 29:37

The pandemic has given us all a new perspective on our lives and our work. I think that’s a big reason why we’ve had a number of our clients at Keen Wealth ask us about early retirement scenarios this year. After a year of locking down, missing friends and family, working from home, and in far too many cases, losing loved ones, folks want more than just financial security....

Is Your Retirement Plan Ready For Higher Inflation?

Jul 7 • 44:41

As good as it feels to be exiting the pandemic and enjoying a relatively normal summer, the ongoing economic fallout from COVID-19 and the levers our government pulled to accelerate recovery have a lot of folks worried about inflation. Those fears spiked recently after the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices rose by 5% during the month of May, the bigg...

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