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Just Go With It: Living Life Post Grad


So you graduated from college, now what? Unemployed recent grads and college besties, Ashley Chavez & Abby Hunt, think it's best to figure it out together. They explore everything related to the rollercoaster that is life in your early 20s: the ups, downs, and definitely the twists. The challengesRead more

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82. Girl Talk with Gabby Phillips

Nov 19 • 49:55

On this episode we’re joined by one of our friends, Gabby, to have a much needed girl talk! We’re kicking things off with all the holiday things, night before Thanksgiving, what happens if you’re not going back to your hometown (or going to be with family), and some recs! We’ve got you covered with the holiday movies and why you should start traditions with yourself, as we...

82. Getting Through Heartbreak with Taylor Swift

Nov 12 • 49:03

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re kicking this one off with talking about the holidays. Night before Thanksgiving is an American classic, and we also discuss what it might look like if you’re not going home for the holidays this year. We also celebrate Red premiering and the genius that is Taylor Swift! In theme with the album premiere, we’re discussing wha...

80. Celebrate What's in Your Circle with India Ingersoll

Nov 5 • 50:04

On this episode we're back with everyone's favorite girl, India Ingersoll! We are getting into it starting with a thorough recap of Halloweekend, best and worst dressed, and some stories of Halloween past. More importantly we're talking about how comparison really is the thief of joy and some ways you can fill yourself with daily gratitude practices while learning to love ...

79. Learning to Appreciate Being Alone and The Defining Decade Recap

Oct 29 • 53:29

In this episode we’re kicking things off with some Halloween plans and rules. Then we’re recapping Ashley’s 23rd birthday, her grateful list, and why we’re okay with getting older. Maybe most importantly we’re having an honest conversation about being okay with your loneliness and the transition of being surrounded by people that don’t necessarily know you very well (new s...

78. Redefining Yourself Throughout Your 20s with Kenzie Elizabeth

Oct 22 • 46:01

On this episode we brought you influencer and podcast host (ILYSM), Kenzie Elizabeth! We are diving into why our 20s are so hard and how we’re going to fix that. We hear how she started a podcast and where her life is currently, as well as why your 20s are ever-changing and confusing. We also discuss how to have fun while things are hard, pulling yourself out of a rut and ...

77. The Defining Decade Part 1

Oct 15 • 52:46

On this episode we’re giving you all the key points from the first part of The Defining Decade: spoiler alert you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. Topics that we cover are: everyone is much lonelier than you think, whether you should be hustling in your 20s vs saving it for your 30s, comparison to others on social media and feeling like you’re behind, the importance of...

76. Things About Adulting That Aren't For Us with Louis Levanti

Oct 8 • 01:04:04

On this episode we're joined by the one and only king of TikTok, Louis Levanti! We discuss everything about his rapid rise to fame and how he just made the big move from the east to west coast. We discuss big decision making and how he knew his move was the right one, and how you can decide in your own life. We also talk about how he continually comes up with new content w...

Bonus: Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

Oct 6 • 18:31

It's already been an entire year of just going with it! On this short episode we talk about some of our favorite interviews and what we've personally learned since starting the podcast. If you're new here, we also give a short backstory on who we are and why we decided to start the podcast! Huge thank you to anyone that's ever listened to an episode, subscribed, followed u...

75. Learning When to Say No & Some Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 1 • 41:57

On this episode we're talking about Halloween being right around the corner and giving you a bunch of potential costume ideas! And it's all for free, you're welcome. We're more importantly discussing what it means to say no- whether it be for plans, commitments, or new activities. We talk about the importance of making time for people in your life and not just checking the...

74. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Getting Into the Seasonal Spirit

Sep 24 • 43:38

On this episode we're catching up and discussing different ways we can get out of our comfort zone. It's important to try new things, both big and small, so we give some examples and talk about some different hobbies we're trying out. Now that fall is here, we're also giving a bunch of movie recommendations and ways to get into the seasonal spirit!...

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