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What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber. It has no content. No format. Yet it's going on ten years of delighting hundreds of thousands of people. It's been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of the world's best comedy podcasts.Read more

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Ep. 714: Two Waluigi Lunch with Jon Gabrus

Nov 25 • 01:36:51

Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty pod, Action Boyz pod) joins Jordan and Jesse to talk about the age-old action movie debate: guns vs karate, the various museums Gabrus has toured hungover, and how The Blair Witch Project might be the germ of modern-day disinformation. Let us know about your inappropriate media viewing experiences – 206-984-4FUN or" target="_...

Ep. 713: Critical Taint Theory with Sierra Katow

Nov 21 • 01:42:01

Sierra Katow (The Sex Lives of College Girls) joins Jordan and Jesse to talk about the rare but deadly perineum infection haunting Jesse's thoughts, the breath and depth of topics in Minion memes, and the new HBO Max show that Sierra is in - The Sex Lives of College Girls....

Ep. 712: Flip a Tire with John Flansburgh

Nov 15 • 01:38:15

John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how drinking coffee when he moved to New York may have changed his life, the miniature taxidermy figures that John and Jesse share an affinity for, and the story behind the incredible TMBG song Robot Parade. Plus, John tells us all about the new They Might be Giants album out called BOOK and ...

Ep. 711: Lyrics Jeans with John Dickerson

Nov 6 • 01:27:31

710: Gumping with Danielle Radford

Oct 29 • 01:14:21

Ep. 709: Monster Mash 69 with Sarah Morgan

Oct 20 • 01:12:56

Sarah Morgan (Bubble graphic novel, The Fear pod) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of what her spooky Halloween Twitter name should be this year, what mistakes Jesse can make that he can blame on the steroids he is taking, and the best books to teach kids about sex.  Plus, Jordan gets a very important missive that threatens to destroy his reputation and possibly his...

Ep. 708: Faux Popes with Yeardley Smith

Oct 13 • 01:40:39

Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons, Small Town Dicks Podcast) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Yeardley's favorite Lisa Simpson merch, how she deals with the weight of doing a true-crime podcast, and the magical food that she made on her cooking show, Oil and Water that made her feel like a sorcerer. Plus, we find out if more clergy members or school principals listen ...

Ep. 707: A Turn for the Goop with Sarah Vowell

Oct 6 • 01:23:13

Ep. 706: Donner Party Tugboat with Heather Anne Campbell

Sep 28 • 01:27:26

Heather Anne Campbell (How Did This Get Played? pod, Rick and Morty) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how Heather is leaning into the nerdy things she loves these days like Gundam, old Macs, and MiniDiscs; what it's like to show someone a perfect movie they know nothing about, and how no one gets how VCR board games work.  ...

Ep. 705: Murder Me Daddy with Alison Rosen

Sep 21 • 01:31:11

Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend pod, Child-ish pod) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Amish drip and Jesse's new Amish scribbler hat, Alison's affinity for crinkly, twinkly bad boys like  Hugh Grant and Christian Bale, and the merits of rehabbing Limp Bizkit vs Linkin Park for an "actually, they were good" moment. Plus, Jesse reads a few particu...

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