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Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast, powered by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That means a group of friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that takes us beyond the tabletop to parts unknown. In the first campaign, we explored fantasy adventure,Read more

Popular episodes

Afterparty: Join the Committee IX & Join Hands I

Dec 7 • 01:02:22

Did Amanda and Brandon know they were going to unmask? How does Eric feel after getting a taste of WTF medicine? And what will Julia say at the Julia press conference? All that and more on the Afterparty!...

44. Join Hands I

Nov 30 • 01:24:47

It is fall again in Lake Town City, and everything is a lot different than it was a year ago. Almost like we were waiting on those leaves to change, and now they're at their reddest and orangest and yellowest. We are at the peak. Maybe. The LT3 save the day…?...

43. Join the Committee IX

Nov 16 • 01:17:57

Extra, extra, read all about it! Local superheroes tied to current-but-soon-to-be-former mayor! Everyone has to answer....

Afterparty: Join the Committee VII & VIII

Nov 9 • 01:11:53

What would have happened if Val didn’t use the Unglasses? Has Amanda always had Emily Slaughter inside her? And what did we learn about the NPCs as we played in their space? All that and more on the Afterparty!...

42. Join the Committee VIII

Nov 2 • 01:08:44

Bro, you had to be there. Wyvern tells you what happened in the secret underwater base....

41. Join the Committee VII

Oct 19 • 01:20:33

What do you call it when you challenge a CEO to throw down? A boss fight....

Afterparty: Join the Committee V & VI

Oct 12 • 01:02:11

What is the best way to take apart a massive quilt? How much better do things sound when you put “Hall of the Mountain King” behind it? And how are the leaves in Lake Town City right now? All that and more on the Afterparty!...

40. Join the Committee VI

Oct 5 • 01:22:02

With Dr. Morrow locked in, the LT3 speeds towards the Vitamin M factory and takes Gutenberg’s challenge. Everyone phones a friend. Everyone avoids the munchies....

Party Planning: Swordtember with Julia & Eric

Sep 28 • 01:06:41

Welcome to this sneak peek of PARTY PLANNING, our new VIDEO PODCAST just for Patrons! Once a month (but probably more often because we’re enjoying it so much), DM Eric answers your in-depth questions about playing and running D&D and other TTRPGs. Every episode features Eric and one of the JTP players, or one of our friends, talking about topics like character and item cre...

39. Join the Committee V

Sep 21 • 01:18:56

After the party isn’t the afterparty, but figuring out what the hell just happened. Aggie zips shut. Milo loves Ozark. Val is seeing triple....

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