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Jodie into Terror: A Doctor Who Flashcast


Every week, the Flight Through Entirety team call up to discuss our first impression of the latest episode of the Jodie Whittaker era of Doctor Who.

Popular episodes

The Vanquishers

Dec 6 • 28:50

In a surprising conclusion to this epic tale, the Doctor finds love in the most unexpected of places, Bel struggles with her application to join the Belfast branch of the CWO, Swarm and Azure’s plans to open a nightclub on Atropos go horribly wrong, seven billion of Karvanista’s cousins go to live on a farm in the country, and Yaz and Dan are here too, apparently. Time to ...

Survivors of the Flux

Nov 29 • 32:35

This week, Nathan, Simon and Brendan find ourselves racing around both the universe and the world in search of exciting, hilarious and weird things to put into a television episode. And the Doctor’s wicked stepmother wants to have a word with her. Several hundred words, in fact....

Village of the Angels

Nov 22 • 26:00

Once, Upon Time

Nov 15 • 26:08

This week, we’re lurking in our own timestreams, reliving the moment a few days ago when we first saw Once, Upon Time: Todd keeps checking his watch, Brendan is still annoyed about the whole satsuma thing, James is feeding his tamagochi and rubbing his belly, while Nathan is wondering why the exam he’s turned up to without any pants on is being supervised by Mandip Gill. I...

War of the Sontarans

Nov 8 • 20:53

For this chapter of Jodie into Terror, we’re joined by JIT débutant Simon Moore for an enthusiastic appraisal of this week’s Doctor Who episode and an animated discussion of camp villains, well-scripted Doctoresses and the importance of not scheduling everyone’s rest periods at the same time. This isn’t your great-great-great-great-great-grandmother’s Crimean War — it’s Wa...

The Halloween Apocalypse

Nov 1 • 22:46

This week, Jodie into Terror makes a triumphant return: Brendan is worried about heartworm, Todd is fumbling with his keys, James is suffering from the terrible side-effects of his psychic survey, Nathan can’t stop showing people around the Sydney Museum of Football Teams Nobody Cares About, and Richard is threatening the existence of every sentient being the universe. Buc...

Revolution of the Daleks

Jan 2 • 32:11

What better way to kick off 2021 than watching Donald Trump and Theresa May unleashing a sexy new breed of Dalek upon the British voting public? It’s a good day for squid, explosions and farewells on Revolution of the Daleks....

The Timeless Children

Mar 2 • 29:35

This week, five hitherto unknown incarnations of the Doctor will be strapping you to a chair and shouting at you for half an hour about their fan theories about the origins of the Time Lords. Until you’re willing to admit that — in a very real sense — we are all the Timeless Children....

Ascension of the Cybermen

Feb 24 • 26:55

In this week’s episode of Where the hell is Beryl Reid?, a group of five humans facing imminent catastrophe band together to talk nonsense about the latest episode of their favourite TV show. The Cybermen make their traditional end-of-series appearance, of course, and so there’s an outrageous amount of stomping involved, as usual....

The Haunting of Villa Diodati

Feb 18 • 24:47

It’s Wednesday night, so we’re hanging out with some lovely drug-addled literary types and re-enacting all our favourite scenes from Castrovalva, all the while trying to ignore the urgent clanking sounds coming from the downstairs parlour. Welcome to The Haunting of Villa Diodati....

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