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Unraveling 26: Absolute War

Dec 6 • 01:39:32

Description: The French Revolution ended the era of limited warfare, and ushered in the era of peoples' war. The Napoleonic Wars shocked Europe's great powers into a century of relatively few direct military confrontations, but those that occurred - the US Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War, and the Russo-Japanese & Crimean Wars - were prelude to the industrial violence th...

Unraveling 25: Discipline & Punish

Nov 1 • 54:52

In episode #22, we discussed the pivotal year 1917, when the United States and the Soviet Union began their entry onto the stage of global power politics, and the tide decisively turned in the First World War. In this episode, we continue our journey through the 20th century with a conversation about how The Great War ended - or did it? - and about the ethics and consequen...

Unraveling 24: Dark Secret Place

Oct 25 • 01:25:04

Jocko and Darryl welcome Bryan Suits, host of The Dark Secret Place podcast, to discuss Chinese propaganda films, military tech, and global strategy. Bryan is a veteran of both Iraq Wars, the Bosnia peacekeeping mission, and patrolled the streets of Los Angeles during the 1992 riots as a young National Guardsman. Check out great The Dark Secret Place podcast at thedarksecr...

Unmitigated Disaster

Oct 4 • 01:57:21

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Jocko Unraveling 22: 1917

Aug 10 • 01:14:39

"There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen." -V.I. Lenin This is the first of a series of discussions about critical years in the 20th century. As the First World War entered its 4th year, the mighty German army had the Entente powers on the ropes. But two men who started the year 1917 uninvolved with the Great War would soon make dec...

Unraveling 21: I Guess We're Done Here

Jul 26 • 01:09:53

Unraveling 20: WALL-E Nationalism

Jul 9 • 01:19:25

In this episode, were joined by James Poulos, executive editor of American Mind, a publication of the Claremont Institute, to discuss his article on the recent testimony of Army General Mark Milley regarding the teaching of Critical Race Theory at West Point. However, we end up hardly mentioning General Milley's hearing, and instead ponder the possibility that we're headed...

Unraveling 19: Lightning Milchamah: The Six Day War

Jun 21 • 01:34:38

In June 1967, Israeli aircraft, armor, and soldiers launched a massive surprise attack against the Egyptian forces of General Gamal Abdul Nasser, and changed the face of the entire Middle East. When the firing died down, the 19-year-old State of Israel had tripled in size, and brought millions of Palestinian refugees under its military control. Although the result was a ra...

Unraveling 18: Operation Nemesis

May 5 • 01:02:16

After 30 years of repression and brutality against its Armenian subjects, the Ottoman imperial government used the cover of the First World War to enact a vicious Final Solution to the Armenian question. But despite losing the war, the Ottoman officials most responsible escaped justice and lived freely under assumed identities in European capitals. After so much chaos and ...

Unraveling 17: Blood Red Fields

Apr 19 • 01:02:33

World War 1, the Russian Civil War, the Red Terror, Holodomor, the Great Terror, World War 2, Chernobyl, state collapse, two revolutions, and another civil war. Few countries have had a tougher 100 years than Ukraine. Recent weeks have seen a buildup of forces on both sides of the border between Russia and Ukraine. Jocko and Darryl discuss the history of a dangerous intern...

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