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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everydayRead more
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Best Episodes

257: You Have to CHOOSE to Get Stronger. "Tip of the Spear" with Green Beret Ryan Hendrickson

Nov 25, 2020

"Look for work, carry heavy stuff, and smile "




0:00:00 - Opening 0:08:10 - "Tip of the Spear" with Green Beret, Ryan Hendrickson 3:07:32 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 3:20:06 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:37:01 - Closing gratitude.  Read more

98: W/ Dr. Jordan Peterson. Facing your Inner Darkness. Breaking Your Wretched Loop. The Ultimate Hero is Dangerous but Disciplined.

Nov 1, 2017

"Carl Jung: modern people don’t see God because they don’t look low enough"



0:00:00 - Opening 0:21:27 - Who becomes evil?  And Why? 0:31:59 - Taking ultimate responsibility.   0:41:43 - Dangerous but disciplined. 0:59:40 - Discipline and kids psychology. 1:05:08 - How to be successful.  Breaking the loop. 2:04:42 - Self Authoring. 2:34:36 - Determining personality traits.Read more

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256: An Hour Lost Today is an Hour Lost Forever. Time is Running Out.Guidelines for the Leader and Commander Pt.6

Nov 18, 2020

"A trick for clear instructions "


The final installment of "Guidelines for the Leader and Commander" by Gen BruceRead more

Jocko Podcast 21: Tim Kennedy, Police Self Defense & Use of Force, Women in Special Forces, UFC, Chaos

May 4, 2016

"Won’t see anything as moving or as beautiful"

0:00:00 - Opening 0:02:52 - Tim Kennedy's background / About Him 0:14:07 - Law Enforcement/Military Self Defense Improvements? 0:25:30 - Bayonet Training thoughts. 0:29:26 - Can you instill the will to Kill and Die in soldiers? 0:35:46 - Green Beret VS Navy SEALS? 0:41:47 - U.S. Rules of EngagementRead more
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