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Japanese Swotter - Speaking Drill + Shadowing

If you are learning Japanese and looking for more speaking exercises, this Podcast drill is exactly for you. Simply repeat after me - while you are commuting, cooking or even in your bed. The drill also includes plain style dialogue, which is an informal style spoken in daily life among friends andRead more

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Shadowing Special Part 1 [TEASER]

Nov 30 • 04:46

Shadowing Special - Part 1...

83[✐3] It doesn’t go as expected. + Shadowing

Nov 23 • 13:55

[✐3] Vた・とおりに, Nのとおりに: in the same way as, exactly as, in accordance with
Note:  ”〜のとおりにno toorini”, is almost same to “〜のようにno youni”, but “〜のとおりにno toorini” has more rigorous nuance. 

“It doesn’t go as expected.”
Hello everyone. Now, let’s get straight to practice making “toori ni”, exactly as I said. 
Repeat after me
1.     say - exactly as (one) said
2.     h...

82[✐1.2] I don't want to do anything. + Shadowing

Nov 16 • 11:07

[✐1.2] V(ます) + たくないです I don’t want to …
“I don’t want to do anything.”
Hello everyone.  How are you doing? I don’t feel like doing anything today. Don’t you have such a day?
Let’s practice “〜takunaidesu(don’t want to)”.   
Repeat after me
1.     go [Masu form] – ikitakunaidesu
2.     buy [Masu form] – kaitakunaidesu
3.     eat [Masu form] – tabetakunaidesu

81[✐4,5] Thanks to you: "okage sama de"+ Shadowing

Nov 9 • 15:19

[✐4,5] “I’m getting by, thank you.”
Hello everyone. Do you know the expression “okagesama”?  If you are living in Japan, you might have heard this expression.
Typical usages are;
“How are you doing (recently)?”
“I’m getting by, thank you.”
“How’s your family doing? “
“We’re all fine, thank you.”
“O kage sama” means “thanks to you” or “thank your help” and...

80[✐1,2] Tell your health tips! + Shadowing

Nov 2 • 13:22

[✐1,2] Tell your health tips! : for one’s health : けんこうのために
“Do you do (are you doing) something for your health?”
[00:09]Hello, everyone.  Today’s theme is “health”.   
Repeat after me
1.     For my health, I exercise a lot.
2.     For my health, I jog.
3.     For my health, I eat well-balanced.
4.     For my health, I don’t drink alcohol.
5.     For my health, I don’t s...

79[✐3] I'm going to take part in "demo", you see. + Shadowing

Oct 26 • 11:30

[✐3] Sound more natural : 〜んです
--- “you see”-function, implying surprise, means of explanation

“I’m going to participate in the demonstration(,you see).”
Hello everyone. Today we will practice making the conversation more natural.
Listen to this first.
A: Do you always take out coffee here (at this shop)?
B:  Yes, because here (this shop) is quick and (th...

78[✐1.2] Maybe (tabun), I knew it! (yappari)

Oct 19 • 10:50

[✐1.Adagio, 2 Andante]
“Maybe I’m OK. … After all, please help me.”
Hello everyone.  Sometimes we cannot say (clearly) yes or no, can we?  Then, use “tabun (=maybe, I think)”. 
Repeat after me
1.     Maybe it’s tomorrow.
2.     Maybe I don’t need it.
3.     Maybe I don’t buy.
4.     Maybe I know.
5.     Maybe it’s good, I think.
6.     Maybe I’m fine/it’s OK.

77[✐4] I will try out somehow. + Shadowing

Oct 12 • 10:13

[✐4.Allegretto] Vて+みます: Try out an action
“I will try out somehow.”
Hello everyone. Ono san hasn’t come to Baito (part-time job) for the last 2-3 days.  A bit worrying….
Repeat after me
1.     I’ll try to send a mail to Ono san tonight.
2.     I’ll try to call him later.
3.     I’ll try to ask Ono san’s family.
4.     I’ll try to visit Ono san’s house this weekend...

76[✐2] I work in IT(-related). + Shadowing

Oct 5 • 11:44

[✐2. Andante] VてForm: Expression of a state/resulting state, or occupation 
“I work in IT(-related).”  
Hello everyone. Today, you are going to meet your friend whom you haven’t seen for a very long time. He used to be called Masao kun, but now he is Masako san, living as a woman. ...

75[✐3] Dinner is ready! + Shadowing

Sep 28 • 11:23

[✐3. Moderato] be completed/built/finished, come into being:できます

“Dinner is ready(cooked).”
[00:07]Hello everyone. There used to be no supermarket or anything in my neighbourhood, but recently various shops are built(opened) and it has become more convenient. 
Repeat after me
1.     A supermarket was built in my neighbourhood.
2.     A drug store was built next to the s...

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