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It's Not About the Food: Intuitive Eating, Anti-Diet, Body Positivity with Dr. Stefani Reinold


Ditch the diets, and make real change in your health and life with help from board certified psychiatrist, eating disorders specialist, and anti-diet advocate, Dr. Stefani Reinold! We all know diets don't work. And a few people have given a nod to alternatives, yet these alternatives still preachRead more

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58- How to Raise Body Positive Children with Leslie Bloch and Zoe Bisbing of the Full Bloom Project

Nov 16 • 55:36

Is it possible to raise children who have a neutral relationship with their bodies? Is it possible to raise children who don't define their self-worth with how they look? How can we raise the next generation of children to look beyond appearances?...

57- Is Exercise Healing or Harming You? with Stephanie Roth-Goldberg

Oct 7 • 51:28

Do you have a complicated relationship with exercise? Do you know how to listen to your body? Or how to know what kind of movement your body really needs?...

56- The Challenges of Intuitive Eating, Feeling Your Feelings, and Raising Intuitive Eaters (Part 2)

May 27 • 31:52

55- Is there a "dark side" to intuitive eating? (Part 1)

May 27 • 32:59

54- Will Intuitive Eating Make Me Gain Weight? (and answers to your FAQs)

May 22 • 32:51

Intuitive Eating in 30 Days LIVE group- join here:

53- Overcoming Stress during Coronavirus [Medical Monday]

May 4 • 30:03

52- Finding Calm through the Crisis of COVID-19

Mar 18 • 27:02

51- Are you afraid your husband isn't attracted to you? [FAQ Friday]

Mar 6 • 11:35

Are you afraid your husband isn't attracted to you? Or afraid that if you gain weight, you won't be attractive to your husband?...

50- How to Help Others When You're Still Struggling with Food and Body Image Issues

Mar 4 • 49:10

Are you ready to help OTHER people heal their relationship with food and their bodies? Do you sometimes wonder how to process your own mental health struggles as a professional?...

49- How to Get the Support You Need for Your Food and Body Image Issues [NEDA Week]

Feb 28 • 22:25

Maybe you've realized that your issues with food and your body are more serious than you previously thought. Or maybe you just now have the self-awareness or resources to do something about it!...

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