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Welcome to the 'It's All Just a Bunch of BS' podcast, the show that looks at how behavioral change insights are being applied “in the wild”. Episodes feature renowned behavioral experts across industries and organizations, from management and marketing to policy and public health, and more. TheRead more

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Episode 61 with APEX: Building Relationships with Brands and Businesses

Mar 24 • 38:09
is a technology-based research company that - in just over two years - has quickly mobilized to develop , a world-class SaaS-based scoring capability to help brands understand and navigate changing business landscapes and audience expectations. Collaborating alongside on some of the brightest minds in academia and working with some of the most well-known brands, Emotive's ...

Episode 60 with JESSICA TOLLETTE: The Interdisciplinary BS

Mar 1 • 43:21
Hello BS Listeners, and welcome back to another episode. Today I am here with Dr. Jessica Tollette. Jessica is the academic director of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences at IE University. She has experience teaching courses on research methods, race, gender and education. Her research interests include race, ethnicity, immigration and intergroup relations. Dr. T...

Episode 59 with ASHLEY WHILLANS: Time To Get Time Smart

Jan 12 • 42:17
Ashley Whillans Bio: I received my PhD in Social Psychology from the University of British Columbia in November 2017 and started working as an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Business School in July 2017. During my PhD, I was a member of UBC's Public Scholar Initiative and was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. My PhD Dissertation w...

Episode 58 with BJ FOGG: Tiny Habits, Big Changes

Jan 4 • 54:35
BJ Fogg is a behavior scientist, with deep experience in innovation and teaching. At Stanford University he’s directed a research lab for over 20 years. On the industry side, BJ trains innovators to use his work so they can create solutions that influence behavior for good. The focus areas include health, sustainability, financial wellbeing, learning, productivity, and mor...

Episode 57 with MAGDA OSMAN and JAMES ELFER: Putting Nudging Under the Microscope

Dec 16 • 54:09
James Elfer is Founder of Morethannow, a research practice that applies behavioral science to workplace contexts. Magda is Reader in Experimental Cognitive Psychology, the Alan Turing Research Fellow and Head of Dynamic Learning and Decision Making Lab at Queen Mary University of London. The ethos of her work has been to take a critical eye to well accepted views and chall...

Episode 56 with WILL LEACH: The Behavioral Science and Marketing Mixtapes

Dec 8 • 50:47
After having spent over 20 years in Corporate America, Will Leach left PepsiCo in 2012 to chase his dreams of opening a behavioral science-focused marketing research - .  In 2017 Will accidentally found out that he had the basic elements required to write a book, so he did just that.  In 2018 he released Marketing to Mindstates.  Because of the books’ success, he formed a ...

Episode 55 with ELIQ: Energy Use Made Smart

Nov 26 • 32:20
Eliq is a fast-growing SaaS provider of customer engagement and energy insights software to the utilities industry. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden and London, UK, Eliq today serve 17 utilities globally with our SaaS platform delivering energy insights and customer engagement software, such as applications for mobile and web that enable customers to benefit from smart metering...

Episode 54 with GEORGE KOHLRIESER: Negotiating With Our Inner Emotions

Nov 19 • 52:16
George Kohlrieser is an organizational and clinical psychologist. He is Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD and consultant to several global companies including Accenture, Amer Sports, Borealis, Cisco, Coca-Cola, HP, Hitachi, IBM, IFC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, NASA, Navis, Nestlé, among many many others. His research...

Episode 53 with STEFANO PUNTONI: Man Machine Poem

Nov 13 • 42:26
Stefano Puntoni is Professor of Marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management. He joined RSM after completing a PhD in marketing at London Business School. His research has appeared in leading journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Marketing, Nature Human Behavior, Organizational Behavio...

A Year in Review: What the World's Top Behavioral Scientists Have to Say

Nov 6 • 35:52

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