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The ISACA Podcast gives you insight into the latest regulations, trends and threats experienced by information systems auditors and governance and security professionals. Whether you are beginning your career or have decades of experience, the ISACA Podcast can help you be better equipped toRead more

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Information Security Programs Need to be Ubiquitous, Proactive, and Vigilant

Dec 7 • 26:33

This ISACA TV interview is a discussing about information security concerns (and challenges), evolution, and the future. Topics covered include mobile computing devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cyber threat intelligence (CTI), software tools, and malware. Threats, risk, safeguards, and countermeasures will be reviewed along with some new...

How Innovative Enterprises Win With Secure Machine Learning

Nov 30 • 21:18

Enterprises use machine learning to validate who they are doing business with and to find new opportunities. ISACA's IT Professional Practices Lead Kevin Keh discusses secure machine learning with Protegrity's Chief Security Strategist Ulf Mattsson. Ulf explains Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), synthetic data, and encryption keys. All these technologies can be sometime...

HCL State of Cybersecurity 2021

Nov 22 • 29:34

Jon Brandt (Information Security Professional Practices Lead at ISACA) and Renju Varghese (Fellow and Chief Architect at HCL Technologies) break down the State Of Cybersecurity 2021 —Part II report. Threat actors did not take advantage of clients more during the pandemic, but there have been higher instances of attacks or attempts of attacks during the past 18 months. This...

ISACA’s New CyberPro – Jon Brandt

Nov 18 • 25:44

ISACA Live: Emerging Tech - Cloud

Nov 15 • 27:55

Why is the cloud still considered an emerging technology in 2021? Why is the cloud both an enabler and catalyst for all other technologies? How has the cloud changed our organizational eco-systems? What is the future of cloud services?  Join ISACA’s Chief Futurist, Dustin Brewer as he and  Julia Hermann— Head of Security Architecture and Cyber Defense at Giesecke + Devrien...

Emerging Tech Series - Cloud

Nov 12 • 26:33

ISACA Live: Global Strategy

Nov 10 • 20:43

Digital Body Language

Nov 1 • 34:35

DESCRIPTION: What is digital body language and why does it matter? Join ISACA's Director of Global Volunteer Engagement Megan Moritz as she speaks with Erica Dhawan, author of Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance. Megan and Erica discuss our modern digital environments and how we can prioritize thoughtfulness over hastiness, buil...

The Cybersecurity Workforce

Oct 21 • 23:37

Join ISACA’s Director of Communications, Kristen Kessinger as she interviews ISACA’s Information Security Professional Practices Lead, Jon Brandt about what is currently happening in the cybersecurity workforce. Listen in as Jon explains how the demand for cybersecurity resources is large, but the workforce pipeline is not keeping pace and how that makes hiring difficult f...

ISACA Conference Europe – Keynote Speaker: Vinh Giang

Oct 14 • 43:22

Listen in as ISACA Conference Europe Keynote speaker, Vinh Giang's discusses how he became the successful entrepreneur, magician and keynote speaker that he is today. Vinh’s life story is unique. The child of Vietnamese refugees, Vinh experienced bullying, shyness, and other situational hardships, he realized he wanted to leave school to pursue his passion of magic. He has...

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