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Are you an IT engineer thinking about IPv6 for your organization? This is your podcast. Listen to three published authors discuss v6 with the best in the business. Dispel v6 FUD and create a plan to bring your shop into the IPv6 future.

Popular episodes

IPv6 Buzz 90: IPv6 Unique Local Addresses (ULAs) And You

Dec 2 • 42:29

IPv6 Buzz 089: An IPv6 Deployathon With AFRINIC

Nov 18 • 41:04

IPv6 Buzz 088: Host OS IPv6 Addresses – What’s Up With That?

Nov 4 • 39:17

IPv6 Buzz 087: How Merit Network Used Carrots Over Sticks To Drive IPv6 Adoption

Oct 21 • 50:40

Merit Network is a non-profit ISP that provides network and security services for universities, K-12 schools, libraries, and other educational communities in Michigan. On today's IPv6 Buzz we speak with Lola Killey, Infrastructure and Research Support Analyst, about how Merit encouraged IPv6 adoption and what other institutions can learn from that effort....

IPv6 Buzz 086: E-Commerce And Holiday Shopping With IPv6!

Oct 8 • 00:00

IPv6 Buzz 085: Is Your Network Ready For IPv6?

Sep 24 • 39:25

IPv6 Buzz 084: Wi-Fi 6E Adoption And IPv6

Sep 9 • 49:10

IPv6 Buzz 083: The IPv6 Interface Identifier

Aug 26 • 31:36

IPv6 Buzz 082: All About Allocations

Aug 12 • 40:51

IPv6 Buzz 081: App Development And IPv6

Jul 30 • 52:23

In today's IPv6 Buzz podcast, hosts Ed and Tom speak with Richard Campbell all about app development and IPv6, including challenges developers face with the protocol, IPv6 adoption among developers, and more. Richard is a Microsoft veteran, DevOps manager, and host of the tech podcasts RunAs Radio and .NET Rocks....

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