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Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger – How to Build a Great Product

Nov 19, 2019

"“Do the simple thing first” Instagram’s #1 product principle"




My guests this week are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram. I met Kevin and Mike a few months ago over a shared interest in business and investing. I have found them both to be extremely good people who have a rare talent for finding and solving interesting problems.Read more

Daniel Ek – The Future of Audio - [Invest Like the Best, EP.147]

Nov 12, 2019

"@Daniel Ek about Luminary"




My guest this week is Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO of Spotify. In my conversations with Daniel, I’ve found him to be one of the most interesting and thoughtful business leaders in the world. You’ll see what I mean as you listen to our conversation. We talk about Spotify plenty, but what I soRead more

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John Collison – Growing the Internet Economy - [Invest Like the Best, EP.178]

Jun 16, 2020

" What made the Collison’s great: willing to go down the rabbit hole "



My guest today is John Collison, the Co-Founder of the digital payments company Stripe. Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet, a lofty and deeply interesting pursuit. John is clearly a voracious learner across business and investing, which you’ll hear instantly. He started StripeRead more

Brad Gerstner and Rich Barton – Thriving in Changing Markets - [Invest Like the Best, EP.197]

Oct 27, 2020

" Brad Gerstner on Building in Public "



My guests today are Rich Barton and Brad Gerstner. Brad is the founder of Altimeter Capital and is one of my favorite active investors. Brad and Altimeter were one of the largest investors in Snowflake in its earlier days and continue to invest in iconic modern businesses with an extreme focus.Read more

Michael Seibel – Lessons from Thousands of Startups - [Invest Like the Best, EP.190]

Sep 8, 2020

"The one thing Michael Siebel looks for startups"



My guest this week is Michael Seibel. Michael is a Partner at Y Combinator, and the CEO of YC's startup accelerator. He was the cofounder and CEO, which eventually became Twitch, and Socialcam. In this conversation, we discuss all Michael has learned reviewing thousands of applications toRead more

Jason Citron - Building the Third Place - [Founder’s Field Guide, EP.4]

Oct 22, 2020

"scrappy or unethical?"



My guest today is Jason Citron, founder and CEO of Discord. Discord is one of the largest and fastest growing social networks in the world. It started as a place for gamers to congregate online, but thanks to how easy it makes it to create a community of any type and its offering of text, audio,Read more

Rahul Vohra - Using Emotion to Design Great Products - [Founder’s Field Guide, EP.1]

Oct 1, 2020

"How do you know you’ve built a great product? When your users start *playing* with it instead of just using it"



Today’s episode represents a new chapter for Invest Like the Best, so requires a longer introduction than normal. Starting today, I’ll be bringing you two episodes per week on the same feed. On Tuesday’s, I’ll focus on investors, and on Thursday’s, I’ll host builders—founders, CEOs, and operatorsRead more

Charlie Songhurst – Lessons from Investing in 483 Companies - [Invest Like the Best, EP.181]

Jul 7, 2020

"Fmr Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer on Cryptocurrency "



My guest this week is Charlie Songhurst, the former head of strategy at Microsoft and a prolific investor, having personally invested in nearly 500 companies throughout his career. I met Charlie at an event hosted in New York and you can tell within one minute of meeting him that his mind isRead more

Kat Cole – How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership - [Invest Like the Best, EP.184]

Jul 28, 2020

"Brand = promise, expectation, experience, permission"



My guest today is Kat Cole, the COO and president of North America for Focus Brands, which owns famous companies like Cinnabon, Carvel, Jamba, and more. Kat’s story and career trajectory are remarkable, as are the lessons she’s picked up along the way which she shares with us all in thisRead more

Modest Proposal – Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why Companies that Reduce Friction Win - [Invest Like the Best, EP.193]

Sep 29, 2020

"Local marketplaces need frequency "



Before getting to this week’s guest, an announcement: starting Thursday we will be introducing a new series of interviews. Be sure to check this same podcast feed in two days to learn more. My guest this week goes by the pseudonym Modest Proposal. He’s both a close friend, and one of the mostRead more
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