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A low key video game podcast by Stephen Hilger and Brendon Bigley.

Popular episodes

Gold Leaf Everything (feat. Kid A Mnesia, Halo Infinite, Q&A)

Dec 1 • 01:17:00

Take the money and run!! ...

Restaurant Voice (feat. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond + Shining Pearl, Shin Megami Tensei V, Halo Infinite)

Nov 24 • 01:31:54

Your restaurant voice is your always voice....

Spanky's Day Off w/ Dom Nero (feat. Forza Horizon 5, Unsighted)

Nov 17 • 02:01:16

Spanky called me the other day and told me he was puttin' a — heart to god — puttin' a jet engine in his jalopy. Thought Horizon had got to the guy's head or somethin' but next thing I know that weekend I hear the telltale sound of a sonic boom comin' from Spanky's place. Musta been him. Nothin' else it coulda been....

Groundfather (feat. Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise)

Nov 10 • 01:21:46

Feed me the gift of life, groundfather....

Mario Kart Awakening (feat. Voice of Cards, Pikmin Bloom, The Nintendo DS)

Nov 3 • 01:27:45

Close your eyes?
What do you see?
A rainbow road in a starry sea?
It's a me....

The Luigi's Mansion Trilogy | Bonus

Oct 31 • 01:24:00

We won a ticket to visit THREE beautiful hillside locations that are absolutely NOT filled with ghosts! 

Little Big Nightmare (feat. Limbo, Into the Pit, Universal Paperclips)

Oct 27 • 01:28:50

The scariest thing of all is a massive spoiler section....

You Gotta Be Ridden Me! (feat. Back4Blood, Speed Dating for Ghosts, Dragon Age II)

Oct 20 • 02:07:03

No no no, they're NOT zombies. I thought we made that clear?...

Metroid Cool (feat. Super Monkey Ball, Metroid Dread, and more)

Oct 13 • 01:27:51

But like what if the whole game was just like Samus hanging out, man? Like "hey what's up I'm Samus, this is my little metroid buddy" you know? That would be so sick dude. Not everything needs to be swarm missiles and screw attacks, man....

Rose, Mia's Baby (feat. Resident Evil Village, Sable, and the Nintendo Direct)

Oct 6 • 01:40:10

It's time for Ethan Winters' Himbo Halloween...

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