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Technology is arguably one of the most prominent things in society. Interface is a podcast about the future of technology, and how it impacts our lives now, and in the future. Each week, hosts Chase Meusel, Andrew Lilja, and Ian Fuchs discuss the tech that's changing or influencing our lives, andRead more

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62. It Could Be Really Cool

Jan 15 • 34:43
CES 2018 was a all about hyping the future, but Razer’s Project Linda concept has Andrew skeptical about the practicality of phones as computers. Meanwhile, Ian explains the iPad, but different… which is still basically an iPad, and Chase starts 2018 by listening more.

* CES Robot Strippers

* Razer Phone

* Razer Project Linda

* Samsung DEX

* Motorola Atrix 4G

* A Window into Ano...

61. A Missing Feature

Oct 30 • 29:05
Chase is unhappy with how iOS 11 has changed some previously expected behaviors. Now his wifi might be on, or might be off, or might just not be connected right now. Ian makes assumptions about how people probably don’t know how to use their iPhone. Andrew thinks it all makes sense, but he’s a power user… 🤷‍♂️

* John Gruber on the iOS 11 wifi/bluetooth toggles

* iOS 11’s “n...

60. I Still Have No Idea How This Works

Oct 24 • 44:35
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum… it all sounds like stuff out of a 90’s Sci-Fi movie, but it’s a real thing, and it has the potential to change the way computing, finance, and identification are done in the future. Special guest Glenn Kunzler (@TheGlennja) joins Ian to discuss the ways this next wave of technology is (potentially) shaping the future.

* What is...

59. The Showroom Idea

Oct 16 • 35:46
Amazon has spent the last few years slowly killing off the traditional bookstore (and many other stores along the way). Now Amazon has opened a physical bookstore to help those indecisive buyers find books that might enjoy. Nordstrom is doing the same, allowing you to shop online, and have a personally tailored shopping experience in store. The question is, do people actua...

58. Supplementing Your Reality

Sep 25 • 41:34

57. How Much is Somebody Worth?

Aug 28 • 39:55
On the face of it, $10/month seems like a great deal for unlimited movie theater tickets. That is, until you realize that there is a hidden cost to seeing every new Marvel or DC movie to hit the cinema - incessant advertisements in your email promoting every new action figure, poster, video game, kids toy, or special Spiderman themed food item at Walmart. In reality, you a...

56. Etsy for Things in Development (S2E02)

Aug 14 • 41:38
Ian pledged $50 to get a glorified selfie stick, but only half of it has been shipped. Chase spent $100 on a video game that may or may not actually be made one day. A combination of physical and psychological factors lead to successful campaigns on crowdfunding platforms, but sometimes even the most convincing sales pitches turn out to be much less impressive - so what ma...

55. A Thumb Drive Full of Cat GIFs (S2E01)

Aug 7 • 43:26
Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for months! That's the song that introduced me to hip-hop, and I listened to my mp3 of it over and over before the bitrate degraded too much for WinAmp to play it anymore. It was my copy, but every time I put it on a new hard drive it got a little fuzzier. I don't know why I'm explaining this; you know how DRM works. Eventually I f...

54. Minor Differences in Creepiness

Jun 19 • 26:43

53. Operation: Stolen Thunder

May 29 • 28:18

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